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The Best Way To Make Money From YouTube Videos

The Best Way To Make Money From YouTube Videos

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It’s no secret that to sell your services or products online, you first must create awareness around your brand. How could people buy from you if they don’t even know that you exist? So, how should you go about doing that?

First, you must have an amazing website. But is that enough? Not really. You must also advertise your products on social media, not only through ads but through content, especially video.

And what is a better place to upload video content other than YouTube? love video content. Today, YouTube has over two billion users. For reference, even Instagram only has one billion users. And almost every single one of them could discover your brand on YouTube and become your customer if you promote it the right way.

In this article, we will teach you how to:

  • Make money with YouTube
  • Create better video content
  • Sell via videos
  • Build an email list through videos.

Let’s get right into it!

1- Create a legacy video 

The first video you upload on YouTube should tell your viewers who you are, what you are doing, what your brand is about and how your content can benefit them. Remember, you shouldn’t start selling to them right off the bat.

This would cause your viewers to instantly think “Oh, here’s another guy who just wants my money” and never watch your videos again. Instead, you should create a relationship with them where they naturally become interested in your brand, after which you can slowly start mentioning what you are selling.

In the beginning, you should simply educate your audience on topics that are relevant to your products or services. For example, you can explain how they can solve some common problems they face every day. In the beginning, the only thing you should be asking of your audience is to like your video, subscribe to your channel and tell you what they would like to learn by leaving their questions in the comment section. Remember, take it slow and only start selling once you’ve given enough value upfront and built up a devoted audience.

 A lot of essential things that you have to know when you start your YouTube channel will be discussed later in this article, but if want to find out about a few more tips, check out the   Step-By-Step Guide For Creating YouTube Videos That Work.

2- Run your content machine 

So you’re sold on why YouTube content is important for your business. Now you might be wondering what type of videos you should upload and how to increase your content output. Not to worry, we’ve got you. Read ourr detailed guide here.

Here are a few useful tips:

1- Create a plan  

First, you should plan what kind of video you want to make. This includes:

  • What the video is going to be about
  • Why this video will matter to your audience
  • What do you want your audience to achieve by watching this video

2- Shoot the video  

After you’re done planning your video, it’s time to hit record. In the beginning, you don’t have to worry about having expensive equipment, or a large team of people to help you.

All you need is a good idea and a camera to record a nice quality video. This camera doesn’t need to be an expensive one either. Countless successful YouTube creators simply use their everyday smartphones and they don’t worry about video quality. One thing to note: sound quality is super important, much more so than video quality. Why? Because your audience needs to be able to understand what you’re saying. While you can make your videos as long as you want, you should aim for 10- 15 minutes.

3- Edit the video   

So you’ve got recorded footage. What should you do with it now? It’s probably not a good idea to upload the raw footage directly onto YouTube because it might contain bits and pieces that contain mistakes or drag on for too long. That’s why you should always edit your videos. Video editing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming either.

A done-for-you video service like can edit your videos in two days flat. But if you decide to go at it alone, you should add elements like royalty-free stock music, lower thirds in the bottom corner and transitions to your videos.

4- Upload it on YouTube   

It’s finally time to show your video to the world and start building awareness of your brand. While uploading on YouTube just takes a few clicks, there are a few extra things you can do to increase your video’s success rate.

First, you should create a video title that will make people curious to click on your video. Next, add an SEO-friendly description in the video description box. Videos with SEO-optimized descriptions have the potential to rank highly in search engine results. We’ll dive into more SEO best practices for your videos in the following section. also has a YouTube helper plan that allows you to post and optimize your videos for YouTube, as well as create Instagram captions. Affordable services like these add up to a lot of time saved on a monthly basis.

5- Repurpose your video  

Now that your video is uploaded on YouTube, you should think about a few other ways to use it. You can start by transcribing it with inexpensive transcription services like and Always remember to review these transcriptions for accuracy, though.

The first thing you should do with the transcript is used it for subtitles in your YouTube video. This will make it easier for people who are not proficient English speakers or those with hearing difficulties to keep up with your video. Here are some other things you can do with your video.

Create a blog post

The transcript could be used for creating a blog post. You might have to make a few tiny adjustments before it’s ready to publish. Doing this will in turn also help your website and video rank higher in Google.

Create a podcast

A lot of people enjoy podcasts because they can listen to them while doing chores in the house or while they’re out doing errands. So, why not create a podcast for them? All you have to do is to separate the audio from the video and upload the audio to a podcast player.

Upload your video on social media

Although YouTube has a few advantages over other social media platforms, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t upload your videos on other platforms as well. You could upload the whole video, or just a small part of it and invite people to watch the whole video on YouTube.

6- Next steps   

The next steps are to repeat the process of creating a video again and again because consistency is the key to YouTube success. Your audience is constantly looking for videos to watch, and you satisfy that need then they will become loyal to you.

3- Publish using best practices  

When you publish videos on YouTube, your purpose should be to publish them in such a way that they could be found, watched, and enjoyed by as many people as possible. To achieve all of this, you should optimize your videos to rank higher on YouTube. Here’s how.

1- Find your topic clusters    

The first way to improve your YouTube search ranking is to create a content strategy for your channel. When people first start, it’s usually easy to come up with a few ideas. But they soon run out of good ideas. Here are three ways to avoid that.

Create videos around frequently searched keywords in your niche

The content you create should be an answer to people’s problems. If you want to create content that’s as useful as possible, you should put yourself into your audience’s shoes and think about what they would like to learn from you.

You just have to figure out what people are searching for in Google and YouTube so you can make videos about that.  This way you will discover short-tail and long-tail keywords.

Let’s pretend your YouTube channel is all about home workouts. Short-tail keywords are single-word or two-word questions. For example, “home workouts” or “workout advice”. Short-tail keywords will be searched for more frequently, resulting in a larger number of requests.

 Highlighted textLong-tail keywords are sentences that contain multiple words. While there may not be a lot of people searching these terms, those who do will have a higher level of interest. Examples of long-tail keywords include: “Can I lose weight if I workout at home?”, “How to work out at home without using any equipment?” 

Make your cluster bigger

Another strategy is to widen your subject area while also ensuring that it is relevant to your target audience. Next, look for the most popular subjects on YouTube.

By broadening your topic, we mean adding topics to your videos that you hadn’t explored previously. In doing this, your cluster might grow from simple home workouts to incorporating other topics related to fitness at home, like nutrition and sleep.

You can also check out Keywords Everywhere or Google Trends to see which keywords have been trending recently, and therefore have the most potential for views.

After you’ve done the keyword research, you’ve generated numerous relevant keywords from a given topic, you can keep using it to assist you in creating high-demand content that will help you climb the YouTube rankings.

2- Give your videos intriguing titles    

Any content that is successful on the internet will have an eye-catching title. Here are some ideas for making your title more interesting.

Lists: It’s easier to understand things with lists. They also signal to viewers that there won’t be any needless or uninteresting information.

Secrets: Indicate that your video will provide insider information on a juicy topic.

Instructions: Another good idea is to indicate that your video is an instructional guide.

3- Maintain the flow    

 Your video’s structure is critical for audience engagement and comprehension. It’s also critical to keep the same structure for consistency and brand recognition. Successful content creators adhere to the following time-tested structure: 

1) Begin the video by defining the problem.

2) Show empathy to your audience by specifying that you understand how they feel.

3) Discuss the video’s objective.

4) Introduce yourself, your profile, and your skill sets.

5) Provide the solution.

6) End with a call to action (CTA)

4- Increase the production quality    

Videos that appear to be made by professionals tend to rank higher in YouTube search and receive more likes and subscribers. Here’s what you can do to make your videos appear more professional.

Script it out

Before you start recording, make a script. This will force you to boil things down to the essentials and ensure that the video is jam-packed with valuable information.

Keep it short

Nobody should ever complain about your videos being too long.


Before you record, go over your script several times. You should feel comfortable with words to the extent that your video doesn’t come across as being “scripted”.

Use professional editors

  If you’d like to rank higher in YouTube search results, you should concentrate on the content and leave the editing to experts like   Vidchops.

Be consistent with your branding

In a matter of seconds, your audience should be able to tell that it’s your video based on the thumbnail, title sequence, music and so on.

4- Link videos to a freebie on your website  

This is a very popular tactic used by many entrepreneurs with YouTube channels. You’ve probably seen people on YouTube saying “Go to my website linked in the description and claim your free ebook” or “get X% off your next purchase”.

When you go ahead and click on one of those links, you’ll have to enter your email address into a contact form on their website to receive the freebies. Why don’t you try this tactic with your videos? It’s a simple and quick way to grow your email list.

Remember, one of the cardinal rules of marketing is to give value upfront because this will demonstrate that you care about your audience.

5- Follow up with your email subscribers  

Once you have collected email addresses from your audience, it’s time to send them engaging emails regularly, but not too often.

First things first, you should send them the freebies they were promised. But after this, you can start nurturing them into qualified leads by demonstrating the value of your products/services.

Sending these emails out won’t take too much effort either. There are countless email marketing tools, like Mailchimp, that enable you to automatically send an email sequence to new subscribers. You could even set the email marketing tools up to send emails out to your subscribers when you upload a new video on YouTube.

6- Close the sales  

Finally, after you’ve come such a long way with growing your business through YouTube, educating your audience, giving value upfront and collecting emails, it’s time to close some sales. You can do this by pitching your services directly to all the viewers who signed up to your email list.

 You’re probably thinking that this is too long a sales cycle and that it’s not worth it going through all these steps. But what you have to remember is that turning your YouTube channel into a sales engine is a marathon, not a sprint. It may take a while to get it going, but the rewards will be plentiful. 

One more thing to note. It’s crucial that you keep contact with your audience even after closing the sale because this will increase the likelihood that they will remain loyal and become recurring buyers.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on some techniques and best practices for growing your business through YouTube.

People such as Graham Stephan have leveraged YouTube to make millions of dollars through ad revenue and course sales. And you can do the same. So as you go through this marathon of a process, always keep the end goal in mind.

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