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The Hidden Truth Behind the Wellness Wheel: Unraveling Jen Lauren’s Journey to 10k Subscribers and $3300 Income

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Do you ever feel like a rat on a wheel, spinning your legs furiously but just going nowhere?

Sure, for you, it’s a metaphor. For me, it’s just life. Running, scrambling, chasing after nothing, time and time again. All effort, no reward. It’s enough to make this rat feel pretty down.

Fortunately, there are wellness and productivity bloggers out there, like Jen Lauren, who preach taking care of yourself and finding some work-life balance.

Jen’s channel isn’t huge, which, to me, makes her highly relatable. Not everyone can be a big shot like my master. (Hey, If you’re reading this, the glare from your YouTube Creator Award is reflecting into my cage again.)

But Jen Lauren is an interesting case study for all of us hopeful YouTubers. Late last year, she broke through the 10k subscriber barrier. So, I wanted to figure out how much cheese she was making. No, not that type of cheese; I’m talking about cold, hard cash.

So, what’s Jen’s channel about, you ask? Well, it mostly consists of her trying out “wellness experiences and workout classes around New York City.”

You know the type of person we’re talking about here. No makeup, shiny face, a lot of up talking about practicing gratitude. Try being let out of your cage once a year, Jen. Trust me, gratitude won’t be something you’ll need to practice!

Jen’s the sort of person who thinks liking coffee is a personality characteristic. Watch a few of her videos, and you’ll see her wither on about her “caffeine addiction.” Darling, it’s a dependence, not an addiction. Come back to me when your love of triple-iced almond cappuccinos has cost you your friends, your job, and your cage.

So, how did Jen get started? Well, she made her first video in 2018, but she was working in PR, so she didn’t really have enough time to invest in the channel.

It wasn’t until the lockdown that she was able to commit to a full-time schedule, and she started cranking out videos where she took Sydney Cummings’s 30-day workout challenge, which is her most watched at around 75,000 views.

Videos like these helped her hit 4000 watch hours and 1k subscribers —which were the previous criteria for monetization.

Two years to get monetized ain’t bad. But Jen suggests you can do it quicker if you are more consistent and committed than her. So, she’s a good example of trying to balance being a creator and holding down a 9-5 job, which, in my case, involves being experimented on by men in lab coats.

Jen’s tips for making it to 10k.

Reviews: Jen’s highest-paid videos are from her “I Tried It” series, where she reviews products, classes, or workouts. What’s notable about this content is that it’s searchable and helpful.

Your viewers want value, and reviews give them that because they don’t have to waste their money on crappy products or services to know if they want them or not.

Be consistent: Consistent posting — even if it’s once a week — is essential to grow your subscribers.

Do what’s working: If you want to focus on growth, listen to your analytics. Jen knows that her “I Tried It” series is where her views and subscribers come from, so she’s leaning into that for 2024.

Jen Lauren Income At-A-Glance:

  • Estimated monthly income: $260
  • Monthly income record: $280
  • Estimated yearly income: $3300
  • Yearly income record: $3300

OK, my owner is awake now, so I have to hide my laptop away and pretend that I’m not a fully sentient being with thoughts, hopes, and dreams of making it as a full-time YouTuber.

Stay hustling.

Catch you next time,


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