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Graham Stephan: What 3 Million Subscribers Can Do For You

Ever Wonder How YouTubers Make Millions of Dollars?

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Graham Stephan has one of the most explosive YouTube channel growths I’ve ever seen! 

He started out 4 years ago and raked in over 84K views on his first video! And he hasn’t dipped below 10K views since. Today, he makes anywhere from $5K to $11K per day on 200K-500K views. Ugh, life is so unfair. Especially if you’re a rat, but let’s not get into that.

A while ago, I shared a report about MeetKevin, who’s also making a killing right now. I mention him because Kevin and Graham’s backgrounds are nearly identical. They both got their start as real estate agents when they turned 18. Both of them have sold over 100 million dollars in real estate. And both of them became famous for making finance videos on YouTube, with over 300 million views each (MeetKevin has 100 million more). 

Besides all of this, they’re also good friends in real life and have made several videos together.

Why can’t I find another rat YouTuber to collab with?! I know my audience mostly consists of despicable humans, but I wonder: are any other rats reading this? If so, please reach out to me so we can help each other take over YouTube. Okay, back to Graham Stephan!

Let’s break down how he grew his YouTube channel to over 3 million subscribers and what you and I could do to get those same results for our ghost town channels. 

The first couple of videos Graham uploaded were all centered around two things: real estate and sports cars. Yeah, he was pretty much just showing off the 2008 LOTUS EXIGE S240 he just bought with all of the commissions he made off his first property sale. And this guy’s supposed to give us financial advice?? Oh, my bad. It’s “not financial advice” (says every personal finance YouTuber giving financial advice). 

So, Graham did the real estate and sportscar thing for a couple of months, and then he started expanding into personal finance with videos on credit cards, taxes, and stocks.

So like I said above, Graham Stephan’s YouTube growth was absolutely unparalleled. Want to know how quickly he hit 1 million views?

Sure you’re ready for this??

Graham Stephan got his first 1 million views in….


My father who art in heaven, why has thou not blessed me with YouTube fame yet??! Ehm.. sorry just did a quick prayer over here.  At this point, I’ll sell my soul to make it :).

But get this. The video that got Graham to cross 1 million views was uploaded on April 1st, so I guess the joke’s on us small-time YouTubers. 

But for the past year or so, Graham Stephan has been sitting pretty comfortably at around 10 million views a month. So, what YouTube tactics and strategies does he owe all of his success to? Here are 3 things I picked up from my research:

  1. Make irresistible titles & thumbnails: Graham Stephan’s titles and thumbnails have very little to do with the topic of his videos. Their sole purpose is to make you curious enough to click. For example, his video titled “The Stock Market Is FREE Money | DO THIS NOW” isn’t actually about free money at all (trust me, I would’ve taken advantage immediately). It’s about how he used a monkey to pick stocks that actually beat the S&P 500, proving that just about anybody can make money in the stock market. I wonder if this also applies to rats? 
  2. Make videos about what you know: Early on, one of the biggest appeals of Graham Stephan’s videos was that he was an active real estate agent and investor, and took us, the audience, with him to various properties he was selling or renovating and renting. So if you’ve got a cool job, give viewers an inside look at what you do. Unfortunately, us rats don’t have jobs (or money). That’s why I’m trying to be the first rat to make it big on YouTube! So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel (pretty please?).
  3. Talk about something taboo: Hold on there. Just hear me out. Before Graham Stephan, there weren’t a lot of YouTubers who transparently showed how much money they made and how much they were worth. Money seems to be a taboo topic for you insecure humans. Pathetic. But anyway, the point is, be open and transparent about something taboo to attract more eyeballs!

So in conclusion, here’s how much money Graham Stephan is making on YouTube right now.

Graham Stephan: Income At-A-Glance:

  • Estimated monthly income: $5K-$13K+
  • Monthly income record: $220K-$390K+
  • Estimated yearly income: $1.3 million+
  • Yearly income record: $2+ million

And hey, if you find success with any of these tips, give some credit to your old pal Buster (or else).

Happy filming,


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