How MeetKevin Made Over $522,644 In 1 Month On YouTube

How MeetKevin Made Over $522,644 In 1 Month On YouTube

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In the past twelve months, MeetKevin has made over $1.67 million from his YouTube videos. December 2020 was his best month ever, earning him over $522K!  The craziest part is that this is just from the YouTube ads that run on his videos…

When I first heard these numbers, I thought that there was no way he was making a killing with those boring stock market updates and 32-hour governor live streams. 

Can you blame me? 

While I’m over here pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into all my videos and still living off scraps in this cramped cage…  AND Kevin’s over here running for governor because apparently being a multi-millionaire YouTuber wasn’t enough! 

But anyway..

My research into his YouTube earnings got me wondering… 

Why does his channel make so much money? What is he doing differently from the rest of us? And how can I use his strategies to finally make millions on YouTube and stick it to my owner?! 

And oh yeah, btw, my owner, he’s a famous YouTuber too. But enough about that punk. 

 Let’s dissect a real YouTube genius…Introducing MeetKevin. 

Kevin Paffrath, AKA MeetKevin, ​​got his start as a real estate agent when he turned 18 and went on to sell over $100 million in real estate. He was a millionaire by 23 and was already worth over $2.5 million before he ever got in front of a camera. Okay, enough butt-kissing. 

What really skyrocketed his net worth was making finance videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 400 million times so far. HOLY COW, leave some for the rest of us, will ya? I secretly hope he reads this and makes a reaction video. Fingers crossed!

So, what sets his videos apart from the rest of us schmucks? 

If you scroll back to his old videos, you’ll see that for the first 5 years, he was only getting a couple of thousand views. Shoot, that’s me now :(. But in year 3, all of the sudden, one of his videos SPIKED to 117K views. And get this, the title is “On Graham Stephan…” <if you don’t know, just google him…

After that, he released a few more average-performing videos..

6.5K views here..

12K views there..

He was on a downtrend, UNTIL…

…he releases “Forget Grant Cardone: Passive Income for Normal People.”: 

  • 465K views. The views went up and down again but a few videos later we got “Grant Cardone & Cardone Capital Exposed”:  BOOM!!!! 1 MILLION VIEWS! 

^^And there it is ladies and gentlemen…

You cannot make this stuff up. Every time he released one of these reaction videos, the views on all his next videos went up too. 

Well call me Karen, this dude has so many freakin’ videos (Over 2.3K+) that my paws hurt from scrolling through all of them. Apple doesn’t make rat-sized computers. But I’m pushing through, so you best hit subscribe to my channel.  < Oops, it’s a bad habit I’ve built… Ehm… back to the main topic.

MeetKevin gradually worked his way up to hundreds of thousands of views, and his channel growth was on an upward trajectory…

…but the videos were still pretty hit and miss. That is, until around March 2020. 

That’s when his channel growth went PARABOLIC, and just about every one of his videos was getting over 100K+ views consistently. YouTube was paying him up to $31K PER DAY just from ads!!! 

MeetKevin revealing his YouTube income

His not-so-secret YouTube growth hack can be summed up in two words.

Daily Videos 

These were financial market updates during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

TLDR; It’s a simple case of the rich getting richer during recessions, folks. Absolutely disgusting. *cough* I wish I thought of this…I was lazy during COVID quarantine, he wasn’t.

All things told, here’s how you guys can copy MeetKevin’s YouTube growth strategies:

  • Make controversial reaction videos: Example: Grant Cardone’s suing me
  • Piggyback off existing trends: Example Extra $1,000 Stimulus Checks JUST Approved!!!
  • Upload every. Damn. Day: Just last week, MeetKevin uploaded 6 videos in one day. I’m pretty sure that’s not even his personal record. I’m about to streamline my whole cage setup just to keep up!

Don’t get it twisted though. MeetKevin’s 2020 earnings were above the norm, even for him. This is how much he’s pulling in during normal times. 

 MeetKevin: Income At-A-Glance: 

  • Estimated monthly income: $34.4K
  • Monthly income record: $522,644
  • Estimated yearly income: $413.4K
  • Yearly income record: $1.67 million

Alright you future YouTube legends, that’s enough for today.

My owner just poured me a bowl of pellets and I’m starving. 

Gonna eat and then take a nap and dream about the day I get as big as MeetKevin…



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