How This YouTuber Went From 0 to 400k Subscribers Real Quick

How Cathrin Manning Got From 0 to 400k Subscribers Real Quick

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In 2019, Cathrin Manning was making just $3-4 a day on YouTube (still a hell of a lot more than me). By 2020, YouTube was paying her up to $589 a day and a grand total of $88K that year!! And that’s not even half of her total earnings when you factor in other income streams. She made $222K in profit, with $77.5K coming from affiliate sales alone!!

Sigh, if only I made that much. I’d upgrade from this godforsaken rat cage to a 3-unit rat house with bending tubes and a hammock. Shoot, I’d even throw in a climbing rope and a hamster wheel. But forget those rat wannabes, they creep me out. Hey, a rat can dream can’t he? 

Where was I again? Right, Cathrin Manning…

So, in this report, I’m going to break down how she built her multi-6-figure YouTube business and how we Small YouTubers can do the same. Let’s dive in.

It took Cathrin over a year and a half to hit 1,000 subscribers, which is pretty slow compared to some of her peers. But hey, I’m not one to talk. I’m going five years strong over here and still haven’t hit a hundred subs. *cries*

From 2018 to 2019, her views were growing by 1-3 thousand month over month. That is, until September. So what happened after that? IT. TOOK. OFF. HOMIE! 

All of the sudden, she more than doubled her views from 23K to 91K. Then she quadrupled her views from 91K to 420K.

From January to March 2020, she experienced a big dip to 384K, but then immediately smashed through her previous all-time high to 1.2 million views. Sheesh, talk about a roller coaster ride.  

Lucky for us, she documented much of her journey and spilled all her secrets so we don’t have to do much guesswork as to how she grew her channel. I’ve got to be honest, there’s something about her. Don’t be fooled by that happy-go-lucky personality. It could be all a front.  You don’t mess with gingers. 

But I know y’all are still curious, so here are Cathrin’s top 5 tips for going from 0 to 400K subs: 

  1. The basics: Be beautiful, and have red hair.
  2. Learn from other famous YouTubers: No duh, Cathrin, that’s why we’re analyzing your stuff right now! She basically looked at the most popular videos by her favorite YouTubers, like Vanessa Lau and Gillian Perkins, and studied what they did right, from the topics they talked about to their titles and thumbnails and we should all be doing that.
  3. Niche down hard: When Cathrin got started, she was making videos on any topic that tickled her fancy. Everything from Pinterest and Instagram to blogging and personal development. Initially, she narrowed it down to just Pinterest and blogging, but later on, she pivoted more into YouTube growth tips. 
  4. Put more effort into your videos: That means spending more time thinking up ideas, filming, editing, designing thumbnails, uploading, optimizing for SEO. In the beginning, Cathrin was spending about 2 hours max on each video. Nowadays, she spends over 10+ hours creating each video.
  5. Keyword optimization. Cathrin recommends that we use 90+ characters per title, since your video titles tell YouTube what keywords you want to rank for. You’ve also got to pack a ton of information and keywords into your YouTube descriptions for the same reason. Aside from keywords, she adds a WATCH NEXT section to get viewers to watch her other videos, plus paid product and affiliate links to drive up some sales.

Alright guys, let’s wrap this up. Here’s how much YouTube money Cathrin Manning is swimming in these days.

Cathrin Manning: Income At-A-Glance

  • Estimated monthly income: $5K-$7K+
  • Monthly income record: $9K-$12K+
  • Estimated yearly income: $60-$84K
  • Yearly income record: $222K

My owner’s about to clean my cage (why does he even bother?  It annoys me).

I can already smell the vinegar, yuck.  

Gotta jump into my ball for a few minutes.  Hope you and your family are well.



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