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Jaw Surgery Changed This YouTuber’s Life

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Hello, all you YouTube hopefuls. This week I’m feeling inspired. Inspired to become the next big thang on YouTube, you with me?

I decided to look to my long-time idol Shelby Church for some advice. I figured if she can do it surely, I can do it too (no offense Shelby, I’m a big fan, you’re the GOAT). 

So, what did I learn? 

Despite generating fewer overall views this year, Shelby was still able to make more overall revenue. 

Say that again now?

Yes, you heard me right. 

Shelby may have posted less (jaw surgery and all that) but thanks to record-high CPMs and the addition of more Ads in each video, revenues were up, up, and away. 

So, without further ado, let’s break down this YouTube royalty’s earnings.

Let’s start with Shelby’s vlog channel. 

In 2020, Shelby’s vlog channel made approximately $35,000. Shelby’s RPM was actually pretty low during April at just $3.55 (apparently there was some kind of global pandemic that the humans caused) but by October Shelby was bringing in an RPM of $9.48. What a turnaround! 

During this time Shelby was documenting her Jaw surgery so views were up and in October alone Shelby’s vlog channel made $9,000. I mean, who can resist that gore, right? 

Now, moving on to Medium. 

Medium is essentially a blogging platform that you can make money from. Medium was a surprisingly big earner for Shelby this year. 

Would you ratting believe it, Shelbs herself made $19,500 dollars from just one article! Shelby’s total earnings from Medium articles amounted to a not-too-shabby $24,7774. 

And we’re not done yet. 

We’ve not even gotten started on Shelby’s main channel earnings. 

I mean mamma-mia right, how much dough does one person need? 

Share some with your lowly rat over here, would you? 

Shelby’s main channel made an average monthly revenue of between $10,000 and $20,000 and an approximate annual revenue of $169,473. 

So… drumroll, please… 

That means Shelby’s grand total earnings across both YouTube channels and Medium in 2020 amounted to a staggering $224,307 and that’s not even including brand deals which this classy lady chooses not to disclose (although a little birdy tells me that she’d never accept a deal for less than $10k). 

I mean, kudos Shelby, that’s quite something!

That’s all folks. If you want to find me, I’ll be writing on Medium. 

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