Live streams not getting the attention they deserve? Try these 7 steps to success.
Live streams not getting the attention they deserve? Try these 7 steps to success.

Live streams not getting the attention they deserve? Try these 7 steps to success.

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Wondering how to get views on live stream videos?

Well, you’re not alone.

Live streaming is everywhere these days. But what should you do if your live stream content just isn’t being seen? If this sounds all-too familiar, don’t worry. This is a very common problem, especially when you’re just starting out on your live streaming journey.

 Getting eyes on your live stream videos takes some work, but by golly is it worth it. Unlike regular video content on YouTube or social, you’ll need to mobilize interested viewers to watch your content at a specific time.  And to do that, you’ll need to make it worth their while.

Today we’re going to divulge 7 top tips for getting more eyes on your live-stream content once and for all!

What are live streams and why are they important?

Livestreaming is a method of online video streaming that involves recording and broadcasting content in real-time for a live audience. Live streaming has become an important and highly popular method of engagement and information distribution online.

Live streaming allows companies, brands, and content producers to engage with audiences on their own time (rather than at the whim of each viewer). That’s important because it allows content producers to target those audiences who are actively engaged and more likely to convert into paying customers. It also creates opportunities for real-time user engagement with your brand through comments, and live conversation (e.g., live stream Q & As).

Not only this. Live streaming is also an extremely economical way to market your brand or product offerings. Not only does live streaming take less time to produce than a traditional ad campaign or video, but it’s also much more inexpensive. A typical YouTube video or vlog can take hours to produce, whereas live streams can be created and distributed then and there, in real time.

Why do you need to use live streams in your marketing strategy

Live streaming is now an absolute must for any marketing strategy. Live streaming has revolutionized the way brands get to interact with their audiences by offering the opportunity for authentic, personal, and real-time engagement.

Today’s customers have become accustomed to this level of engagement so it’s vital that brands feed into this growing customer demand. Failing to do so could mean your customers will look elsewhere.

Make the most out of your live streams by repurposing content

To make the most out of your live streams (and get more eyes on your videos in the process), you should try to repurpose your content regularly. Repurposing content means transforming parts of your live stream content into other forms of content by reformatting it for different platforms.

For example, you could…

  • Download, edit, and post your live video
  • Snapshot great quotes from your video
  • Make Instagram teasers and twitter snippets
  • Turn your stream into an audio podcast
  • Embed images info from your lives into blog content
  • Create a compilation of past live stream videos
  • Publish a video transcript on your blog
  • Create an infographic

Repurposing your content allows your content to reach a far wider audience and those who engage more actively on other platforms.

Check out this tutorial on how to repurpose your live streams below…


7 ways to get more eyes on your live stream videos

We’ve stressed the importance of live streaming for brands, businesses, and content creators today, but what if you’re already producing live content but nobody’s watching. Well, first of all, don’t panic. This is very common for those starting out. These 7 techniques will soon take you from streaming to ‘me, myself, and I’ to actively engaged consumer audiences.

1 – Incentivize

First thing’s first, make sure you are incentivizing your audience. Nobody’s going to want to tune in if there’s nothing in it for them. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to start offering Caribbean cruises to your most actively engaged viewers. Incentives take many forms, the most important of which is valuable, high-quality content.

That’s certainly not to say that the odd freebie or giveaway once in a while won’t keep audiences coming back for more. It’s totally kosher to offer a little extra incentive now and then. Examples include early access to products, discounts, coupons, contests with prizes, VIP memberships, and branded merch. These little incentives will generate discussion and excitement around your brand.

2 – Share your story

Audiences love to connect with the brands they love. So, share your story. Share the ‘why’ behind your brand and allow your audiences to connect more intimately with your brand concept, values, and origins. This is a sure-fire way to establish loyal, trusting, audiences who will become your unofficial brand advocates for the future.

Live streaming is the ideal platform for this kind of discussion.  We recommend using your live stream platform to engage in discussion with your company founder, or exec. Get them to talk about the bigger picture behind the brand. Even better, get them to engage in a live dialogue with audiences by ending the discussion with a live Q&A session. 

3 – Host thought leaders

As your live streams start to generate more engagement, start to bring on guest speakers. Hosting industry thought leaders in your lives is a great way to offer audiences high-quality, informative content. Remember, this is the best incentive you can offer truly interested audiences and will keep them coming back for more.  

Thought leadership heightens the appeal of any brand but is especially important for establishing the credibility of B2B businesses. Getting the backing of industry authorities builds trust with your audience that converts into sales and longer-term brand loyalty.

4 – Live video SEO

 We all know how important SEO is for our blog content, web-copy, and even our YouTube video content. But did you know that SEO also benefits live video content?  In much the same way as standard SEO, live video SEO is all about optimizing the amount and quality of website traffic to your live stream videos from organic video search engine rankings.

To improve your live video SEO, make sure that you are…

  • Targeting keywords
  • Using compelling titles
  • Making high-quality, informative content
  • Using high-quality, click-worthy, thumbnails
  • Writing keyword optimized meta descriptions

5 – Accept feedback

If you’re not getting views on your live stream videos it’s because you’re not enticing an engaged audience. One of the best ways to turn that around is to open yourself up to feedback. Then accept it graciously and implement strategies to meet your audience’s suggestions. What kind of content does your target audience want to see on your live streams? What length of videos do they want? What is the best day or time for your audience to tune in?

Being open to feedback will help you recognize your shortcomings and improve your content long-term. Plus, acting on feedback tells your audience that they are valued by your company. Oftentimes, viewers will leave comments during your live streams. This should be your first port of call when it comes to seeking feedback.

Look for any particularly positive or negative comments. What are you doing right, and what needs work? It’s also worth sending out intentional feedback surveys to those live stream viewers who signed up for your live videos. After your life has gone out, send round an email follow-up asking for feedback and suggestions from your viewers.

6 – Promote, promote, promote

Needless to say, in order to get people watching your content, you’re going to need to engage in some promotional activity. Otherwise, no matter how fantastic your content is, nobody will know when or where to tune in!

 Promotion is all about generating excitement and spreading the word amongst your target audience. Make sure that you are enticing audiences across a range of different online platforms. A great way to do this is to create teasers. 

You can also encourage people to pre-register for your live stream event. Not only will this give you a better idea of how many viewers to expect, but it also allows you to collect the contact information of potential prospects. A few days before the live stream airs, start a countdown to remind your registrants that your content will be with them soon.

Other ways to promote your live stream include:

  • Compelling titles, descriptions, and CTAs
  • Cross promotion

7 – Make longer-form content

Finally, try making some longer-form content. Live-streaming as a medium tends to do well using this format. Unlike on-demand videos where short, concise content reigns supreme, you can afford to indulge a bit more time into your live streams.

That’s not to say your lives should run on for hours and hours… after all, you don’t want to bore your audience to sleep. However, you can take the time to discuss topics in depth and take questions from your live audience. With live streaming, the longer you stay online the more opportunity prospects have to join the conversation, comment, ask questions, and engage! 

Ramp up your livestream success

It’s time to start getting the most out of your livestream videos. Live stream content is the ideal way to generate interest and buzz around a brand or product offering. To get more people watching your lives, you’ll need to make sure you’re offering high-quality long-form content with plenty of opportunities for interaction and reputation-boosting thought leadership segments.

Don’t forget to engage in the active promotion before your video goes live. Promoting your live across multiple online channels will help increase the amount of engagement and views your video gets. With some strategic planning, there’s no reason why your next live should be a bust.

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