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How Much Does PewDiePie Make?

Ever Wonder How YouTubers Make Millions of Dollars?

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Sometimes I feel jealous of my master (he’s a YouTuber too you know).

But you know what I do when I feel the green-eyed monster coming over me? 

Well, I think about PewDiePie. 


Because compared to this YouTube Zeus, my master is a nobody. A loser. A washout. A big old lemon…. I think you catch my drift. 

So, that got me wondering. What has PewDiePie got that makes him so holier-than-thou? How does a normal Swedish boy go from gaming dink to super-rich king of the internet? 

Let’s find out! 

I’ve been doing some number crunching. I may be a lab rat but I paid attention in school. In fact, I’m a pretty dab-hand at math (if I do say so myself). 

And let me tell you, when I sat down to calculate PewDiePie’s average earnings, I was so shocked I almost fell off my wheel!

When I added all of PewDiePie’s revenue streams together I found that this dude is earning about $58.2 million per year. No joke. That’s the equivalent of $4.85 million per month and $160k per day. 

Jeepers, with that kind of money I could escape from my cage and start an empire of my own! 

So, how does he do it? 

The key to PewDiePie’s financial Everest lies in having multiple revenue streams. Did you know that most big YouTubers like Pew Pew himself make more from their merch than they do from Ads? 

It’s true. Merch is a super secure way for YouTubers to generate income without risking demonetization if they say something…well…stupid. 

And that seems to happen a lot. Think Logan Paul, Shane Dawson, David Dobrik. 

Boneheads the lot of them. 

Let’s talk strategy. 

The multiple revenue strategy is all about generating income from more than just YouTube videos. Content is just the surface but, hell, there’s a whole mother ratting iceberg underneath. 

Pewds has three major income streams. 

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Merchandise 
  3. Affiliate marketing and brand deals 

Let’s start with AdSense. YouTubers are paid for generating views on their videos. Simple. Now, clearly, this figure isn’t something PewDiePie himself is going to release willy nilly. So, we’re going to have to make our own estimations. 

Don’t worry. I know you can’t all be as smart as yours truly so I’m going to help you out. 

We can calculate AdSense revenue by dividing PewDiePie’s monthly views by one thousand and multiplying that by CPM (That’s the amount a YouTuber gets paid per one thousand views). 

Watch out there’s an equation coming….

Now, PewDiePie enjoys round about 533 million views per month and a CPM of roughly $3 so his monthly AdSense Revenue is a smack-bang-whopping $1.6million per month. 

And, yes, you’re not mistaken, that is from Ads alone… 

we haven’t even gotten started on the rest yet! 

This internet entrepreneur also earns about $500k per month via affiliate links and brand deals with big-name companies like Fuel and Nord VPN. Not to mention his own Merchandise. PewDiePie’s brand Tsuki, brings in about $2.75 million in revenue each month. 

This lad hasn’t missed a trick. 

By creating a clothing line that’s genuinely fashionable and high in quality (why don’t you have any clothes for rats Pewds?), Tsuki clothing is more than just YouTuber merch. People friggin love it! 

So, here’s the roundup. 

PewDiePie’s generates income three ways: AdSense, Merch, Affiliate marketing and brand deals. 

Each month this money magnet generates $1.6 million in AdSense revenue, $500k in affiliate links and brand deals, and a staggering (and I mean STAGGERING) $2.75 million in merch revenue. 

All in all, that’s $4.85 million per month in total. 

Who’s the boss?

Pewds the boss. 

Over and out losers!

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