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Hey, fellow creators,

It’s been another week of stagnant growth for me. If things get any worse, people are going to start mistaking my channel for the Greek economy.

But it gets worse. My Adsense account is sparser than VSauce’s hairline, and my master just told me that my energy bill is going up.

It’s tough out here, but thankfully, I’ve been watching a lot of According to Nicole, a YouTuber in the frugal and minimal living niche.

She lives frugally by choice; I do it out of necessity. We couldn’t be more different.

Nicole is what I would call a cheapskate. She tracks her money, like some deranged beancounter, in complex spreadsheets. To me, that’s an appalling and joyless way to live, but what do I know? Maybe things would be different if I had any money to track and I didn’t live in a cage.

So, you ask, does Nicole have painstaking records of every red dime she’s made from YouTube that we can learn from? Obviously, she’s probably got receipts from buying a stick of gum 15 years ago.

For the first time ever, this kind of meticulous record-keeping is useful to someone because we can get a peek into what YouTube’s cheapest creator makes each year.

According to Nicole earnings

Nicole has over 47,000 subscribers. Her account has grown a lot since last January, when she had just 7,500 subscribers.

Nicole has a dog with shaggy, unkempt hair. I don’t know who is inspiring who, but they have similar fringes. She might even eat the same food as her dog so that she can save a few dollars. Who knows the lengths this miser would go to save a few bucks?

So what are her secrets? And what has she earned?

Well, even though she’s experienced pretty big growth, she’s a modest YouTuber in every sense of the world. But that still hasn’t stopped her from raking in some coin from telling people to stop buying things. Some of her videos have performed pretty well, and she’s taken in well over $2,000 per month a few times.

One of Nicole’s most popular videos is called “How I saved 100k by 25 on minimum wage.” SPOILER: It was being really cheap and having zero fun. Well, what I would consider fun anyway. Nicole is different; she says that saving money is fun.

In short, Nicole knows that there are loads of broken deadbeats like me out there. She makes videos that help people cut the fun out of their lives until all they’re left with is a withered husk. But the thing is that the husk is solvent, which is a type of progress.

What we can learn from According to Nicole

Some niches have a good CPM: Nicole typically vlogs about finance. YouTube makes good money selling ads to companies in this space. But an army of people like Nicole is a marketer’s nightmare because they are so averse to actually spending money. Still, it means she can get an RPM of around $17 on some videos.

Add value: Nicole’s channel has grown because she tries to add a unique perspective or novel information to her content, which is uncharacteristically generous.

Spartan can work: Nicole keeps her videos basic. There is minimal editing, no props, and zero makeup. She’s a big fan of DIY and being independent, which keeps the production costs low and allows her to sleep at night.

According to Nicole: Income At-A-Glance:

  • Estimated monthly income: $1200
  • Monthly income record: $2300
  • Estimated yearly income: $14,000
  • Yearly income record: $14,000

So, that’s it. According to Nicole, a YouTuber creator who is so cheap that she eats cereal with a fork to save on milk.

Catch you all soon. Buster.

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