How We Helped James Whittaker to Upload Better Videos
How We Helped James Whittaker Create Better Videos

How We Helped James Whittaker Create Better Videos

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James Whittaker is an Australian-born keynote speaker, author, podcast host, film producer, coach, and entrepreneur. He launched his entrepreneurial journey after spending ten years running a successful company as a financial planner. Today, James uses his vast experiences and knowledge to help others reach their fullest potential in each area of their lives.

 To help his audience #wintheday, James turned to us to help add more production value to his podcasts and YouTube channel. It’s no secret that seeing is believing. Since our very own beginning in 2017, we’ve been helping James connect and relate to his audience by increasing his video output, and ultimately, increasing the active engagement on all his platforms. 

It takes a face-to-face connection, so to speak, to leverage your brand and convey your authenticity. Especially as a virtual life coach, the relationship you build with your audience—and the time it takes to reach new audiences—is critical. That’s why it’s not just content that’s king—but video content that makes all the difference.

“I’ve been using Vidchops since they first started, and I recommend them for any individual or company looking to build your audience and elevate your brand. They do great work in a timely manner and make it easier for me to focus on other elements of the business.”

More About Jame Whittaker’s Journey

As noted above, James Whittaker is quite an impressive human being. He has been featured extensively in digital media, television, and print around the world. He’s not just an author—he’s the best selling author. He’s not just a podcast host but a keynote speaker who has stood in front of crowds filled with thousands of people.

He’s also interviewed hundreds of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, business icons, and legendary athletes to hone in on their secrets to success—all to help others take ownership and full control over their financial, physical, and mental health.

Since the start of his entrepreneurial journey as a life coach—life coach being an inadequate word to describe a man who inspires such awe, motivation, and raw inspiration—James has appeared on The Today Show and has been featured in a mix of digital media and print including Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, and The Sydney Herald. He’s also authored the best-selling books The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, and Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite.

Lastly, James started his own show in 2019, called Win the Day with James Whittaker, to become more accessible to his audience. During the creation of his show, which is available via YouTube, Spotify, and Apple podcasts, to name a few, James reached out to VidChops to curate his content.

Apprehensive at first, stating that his expectations were “not great because outsourcing to third parties is known for its challenges,” James was pleasantly surprised as we were able to build and streamline the content for his audience.

 His greatest pain point was, in fact, “creating content that would build his audience,” which he affirms is the single best thing that VidChops has done for him thus far.

How VidChops Helped James Whittaker Build Up His Content and His Audience

When you’re outsourcing your content, especially for YouTube and other digital channels that rely on video output, there are two primary things to keep in mind: Quality and fair pricing.

When James found us on Facebook and saw what we were offering, he decided to give us a spin by outsourcing his video content. By allowing us to build up and streamline his content, James saw significant growth in the numbers of his virtual audience.

Not only did he see a consistent monthly output of content, but he was able to remain in constant communication with our video editors to ensure that the collaboration yielded the perfect results. Of course, there was a bit of a learning curve, but his overall expectations were met and exceeded.

When asked how we helped James meet and exceed his expectations, he stated that:

 “The offering is great. I love the amount of output each month for what I feel is a fair price.” 

James is an incredibly busy intellectual whose goal is to help others reach and unlock their greatest potential. Therefore, his presence is in considerable demand. VidChops helped James to create a significant amount of quality content in less time, so he could reach his virtual audiences far and wide—and often—helping them on their own journey to a better life.

By helping James, we helped his audience, which, to him, is the ultimate form of success.

How VidChops Can Help Your Business

All marketing roads lead to digital content. But it’s not enough to just put out any old content—it needs to be content that can stand alone and separate you from the rest of your market. VidChops offers a service that not only streamlines your content and helps you generate a higher output, but it enables you to create the most authentic and unique content for your brand identity.

When you sign up with VidChops, you get exclusive features including:

  • Professional, on-demand editors
  • A higher output of videos each day/2days to help put your name out there faster
  • A quick turn-around time (48 hours, max) and revisions within 24-hours
  • Fast and friendly customer support
 VidChops also offers FREE stock video and audio added to your videos. Plus, our editors will work within the frame of your exact specifications. After all, your content is a representation of you—and we want to represent you in the best way possible. 

As an entrepreneur, an influencer, or business owner, you need to produce quality content that positions you as an authoritative, trustworthy and relatable source of information. Not only can VidChops help you achieve all of this, but we can help you do it in less time!

If you’re a man (or woman!) on a mission like James Whittaker, you need to have the advantage of time and professionals on your side. Get in touch with us today to see how we can get started on building up your content and your audience!

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