Fun Ways To Learn History On YouTube

Fun Ways To Learn History On YouTube

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Do you have trouble learning history? Do you find it difficult to read through hours and hours of history books? When taught or learning it the traditional way, yeah it does become boring. It requires your full attention but when done in a unique and funny way, I bet you’re going to have fun. 

YouTube has been a source of both educational and non-educational material. You get a bunch of stuff from the platform and sometimes the useful ones get lost in all the noise. We’ve made a list of our favorites so far. History doesn’t have to be boring. 

Drunk History

drunk history

Originally a skit from Comedy Central and only aired through television they made it available on Youtube 4 years ago. The show also created exclusive web series. Famous celebrities like Aubrey Plaza, Winona Ryder and Seth Rogen have been featured on the show.

The show is about celebrities telling history when they’re drunk. It’s interesting because you would normally think celebrities aren’t that smart but you’d be amazed at how much they know.

Also what makes it fun is when they speak incoherently when they are drunk and they just seem to have a good time. Other celebrities would reenact the story complete with full studio production in a movie but would lip sync the words spoken by the drunk celebrity as the script.

History Marche:

Are you into ancient battles? The battle of Thermopylae in the famous 300 movies?

How about napoleon bonaparte’s battles? Or American Civil War battles?

History Marche show puts the battles on a geographical perspective as they use maps, visual representations of armies, animation of battle maneuvers. It gives a better understanding of how battles went. It’s reminiscent of how games like warcraft would look like but with entertaining commentaries

history march


Makes history as simple as possible. No bullshit approach. Commentaries are spoken in a conversational manner. It’s just as if you are just talking history with a bunch of friends. 

It’s like history without the fat. Minor historical details are omitted and just go down with the important highlights. Made with simple animation to represent historical figures

over simplified


Adam Ruins Everything:

A College Humor skit. Started as a web series. 

Starring Adam Conover. Though not really about general history

The show is about debunking publicly accepted beliefs or misconceptions in a funny entertaining way. The show is full of reenactment with studio quality production and great acting.

It’s a fun and informative way in getting corrected of beliefs. 

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