10 Warning Signs You Should Invest in Outsource Video Editing
10 Warning Signs You Should Invest in Outsource Video Editing

10 Warning Signs You Should Invest in Outsource Video Editing

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So, now you’re a YouTube star, hurray! Congratulations! You finally got the subscribers you were hoping for. You got the viewership you could only dream off. You finally got everyone’s attention. Now what?

So far everything is going smoothly. Creative juices have been flowing endlessly, you have the floodgates open. You’ve been doing this for months and you thought nothing could go wrong. We don’t blame you. You weren’t prepared for this.

Now everything is just overwhelming. You just hope you were able to see the telltale signs why it has come to this point. When you can’t seem to do everything right to maintain your YouTube channel. Luckily, as YouTubers ourselves, we have experienced the same things you’re going through and we’ve collated the warning signs that could help you with your problem. And it all leads to one ultimate solution: you have to outsource video editing.

Of course, the channel is your baby, you need to be “hands on” on it as long as you can. But when it comes to it, you need to identify the warning signs you need to know before having someone do the editing for you.  

1. No Time for Family and Friends.

Of everything that’s outlined in this blog, this has got to be the most important of all. You seem to no longer have a social life and you are obsessed with just creating content for your YouTube channel. This is the part where relationships are strained and the worst, people begin to leave you. Don’t be the guy who misses important events of your child’s life, missing your high school reunion, or simply missing a very important dinner date with your wife. You know where that leads to.

2. No Time to Handle Business.

Let’s say you made videos to draw attention to your business. Most of the YouTubers do. They started that way. So, I instead of managing your business, editing takes a large chunk of your time now. Which really is counterproductive. You are best at the helm of your business, not doing editing. Especially if you have a lot of people working for you. They need their boss on top of things. Don’t be that absentee boss who’s not around to face clients or the boss who can help HR to settle employee disputes. Just don’t.  

3. No Time to Think of Content.

Ever heard of writer’s block? It applies to video content creators too. Well actually, it applies to anyone who is in the creative world. While doing so much editing, you no longer have time to step back and think of more fresh ideas for content. Every creative does that. Giving time for themselves to withdraw from everything to refresh the mind. And we’re not talking about vacations. Just those few precious minutes or hours or even days alone with our mind to think things through. No fresh content doesn’t bode well for your subscribers who are always on the lookout for new content on your channel. You don’t want to disappoint them and lose viewership. That’s the last thing on our mind.

 4. No Time to Entertain Sponsors.

Again, doing so much editing makes you miss the most important things. Things like going through emails or messages. Ridiculous as it sounds, we have missed opportunities with sponsorships just because we weren’t checking our emails. Editing does that. Nothing is as more important to you than having your video done that you even miss doing the most basic things like checking emails. Imagine the nightmare of missing a sponsorship opportunity with GoPro because you didn’t see their mail. When you contacted them, they already went with another content creator. Imagine the disappointment.

5. Not Really an Editor.

Let’s face it. Sometimes there are things you’re just not as good at. Just like photography. Everyone can operate a camera but not everyone has that artistic eye for things like composition. Same way with editing. Most people can do it but not everyone has that artistic touch to it. Even adding background music needs a particular taste in music. Plus, editors know the twists and turns of their software that they make editing a breeze. Not to mention special effects you didn’t know possible that can be applied to your videos. You’re a salesman, a gamer, etc. Leave the editing to the editors.

6. No Time to Market Channel.

Okay. You thought of great content. So great in fact, that you need more people out to see what you have created. But then, editing again, is taking so much of your time instead of marketing your channel. Even movie directors take the time to actively promote their movie by appearing in press conferences. Big YouTube names have been doing the same. Appearing in Comic Cons and the likes. We are not saying you do the same but since you’re still new to the game, you just have to start first with mastering digital marketing for your channel. Do that social media stuff. Master YouTube’s native marketing too. That could really help you put your name out there.

7. You’re burned out.

Helpguide.com, a mental health and wellness website describes a burn out as “Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.” You can detect that when you feel completely exhausted, disillusioned, and feeling helpless. Like you don’t know where to go from there. That part is scary. You need to take care of your mental health. Let outsourced editors take that heavy load off your shoulders. Victims of burnouts usually end up quitting what they were doing.

8. No Sleep.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You’re losing sleep because of editing. Especially with people who have OCD. We’ve been there too. All the details need to be paid attention to. Scouring the internet for that perfect sound effect. Or just scrolling through galleries of stock video footage. All these activities that are part of editing just take so much of your time that you also lose sleep. Professional editors already have the necessary resources so you won’t have to sacrifice sleep time.  

9. No Time to Exercise and Eat Healthily.

This is also alarming. People become dangerously overweight because of just sitting in front of their computers. No exercise and no proper diet. Just like mental health, physical health is equally important. You’ve been editing for months and boom you’re fat and unhealthy. Instead of editing, do yourself a favor. Hit the gym or do that Keto diet everyone’s been raving about.

10 No Time for Learning the Right Things.

Sure, continuous education is right and all. Always good to be learning something. But are you learning the necessary things? You didn’t set out to be an editor so why are you learning motion graphics at 2 in the morning? Shouldn’t you be learning something that could help your business perhaps? Like learning how to efficiently run production on your factory or run inventory. How about learning something that can give you an additional income stream? The possibilities are endless when it comes to you having the time on learning the right things.

There you have it. 10 things that should warn you why it’s time to outsource video editing. Vidchops is readily available to be of service to you if you’re already recognizing all these signs. With a dedicated editor, let us save you the trouble of going through all of these.  So what are you waiting for? Sign up now. 

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