25 Best Video Marketing Ideas for 2021
25 Best Video Marketing Ideas for 2021

25 Best Video Marketing Ideas for 2021

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It’s challenging to come up with fresh video marketing ideas, but we’ve rounded up 25 of the best ones we could find to inspire your next creative undertaking. Take your pick of one style or several to guide your next video shooting schedule and direct content creation. Some of these require different types of footage, and others will allow you to repurpose your original content in a different way. Still, they’ll all help you attract and stay engaged with your target audience in an effective way, so you can keep producing quality content.

Why is video marketing important?

Video marketing is one of fastest growing forms of advertising. It’s relatable and accessible.  Judging by the fact that people consume more than a billion hours of YouTube content every day, it’s also extremely popular. 

Videos are engaging in ways to share information or showcase and introduce concepts and products. They’re important on every platform and every channel of advertising, so it’s important to devote time and effort to create an effective video marketing strategy. Lending a personal touch to many different subjects, videos are also ideal for educating your audience.

Why should brands and entrepreneurs adopt video marketing to grow their business?

Videos are cutting edge now and into the foreseeable future. People of all ages with internet access enjoy video content and love to share it via social media. It’s one of the best ways to highlight your expertise, establish your niche, and increase confidence in your brand.

As video marketing continues to gain popularity, it’s become necessary to produce more and better video content to stay relevant. Thankfully, the cost of producing video content is plunging.

Producing quality video content 2020 style

 These days, you can shoot your footage in high-quality video using your smartphone and send your raw content to us here at VidChops. Tell us your vision and let us quickly and professionally edit what you send us. 

Now you know why video is so important and how Vidchops can help you polish them up. The next step is deciding what kind of videos to make. You’ll want to make sure your videos strike a consistent tone and that they each tie into your overall goals and strategies.

 Here are 25 suggestions: 

Best Video Marketing Ideas

Classic Types of Marketing Videos


1- About Us:

introduce your employees and share a bit about your business culture. Share why you do what you do. Audiences love to see the people and ideas behind their favorite ventures. Use this opportunity to present your company in a way that makes you personable and relatable to leave a good first impression.

2- Brand Highlight:


Use these videos to introduce your brand, the overall mission as well as any products or services that you may offer. These can set the tone for subsequent campaigns, so pay attention to keeping this in line with your brand ethos and how you want to be portrayed.

3- Demo:

Show how your product works. Emphasize innovative features and what sets your product apart from the competitions. You could even make the video more entertaining by showing people how not to use your product if that aligns with your brand.

4- Product Promotion:


Convince potential buyers to complete their purchase. Use engaging dialogue, a comprehensive and concise product explanation, and value proposition, and make the pitch relatable and authentic.

5- Explainer videos:


By going into what your product or service does in a bit more depth, you can better convince your audience of the need for what you offer. These videos tend to rely on a fictional representation of a potential buyer struggling with the problem that your business helps them solve.

6- Educational:


A great way to teach your audience something new, or expand on an existing concept. If you’re working to position yourself as an expert in a particular area, it’s helpful to show mastery of your subject. These videos are a great way to help your audience learn about your business and the solutions that you offer. Consider a whiteboard/chalkboard or a day-in-the life format to teach your viewer about a unique concept.

7- Tutorial:

Great how-to/training videos take your audience through a specific process step-by-step. If you produce them well, they can also be an asset to your sales and service teams to support customers. By thoroughly showing how to use your product or service, you can save time by pointing people to them in the future.

8- Animated videos:


Accompanying graphics can help to make it hard to understand concepts more accessible. These are a great way to explain more abstract products or services and can give you a break from conventional types of explainer videos to get your message across.

9- Expert interviews:

Video conversations with those at the forefront of your industry can help you build trust with members of your target audience. Since this lends credibility to you or your business, it’s worth scheduling time to sit down and record these thoughts to position yourself as an authority on the subject. Consider leveling it up to a webinar/panel affair with more than one voice if that makes sense.

10- Customer Testimonial videos:

Compelling video testimonials will sell your product for you. Prove that your product works and will solve their specific problem and you’re on your way to successful conversions. Having customers on the video to attest to your product or service’s effectiveness helps other people verify the quality of your work and cement the credibility of your claims, even more so than written testimonials.

While it may be easier to have a client shoot a video on a phone in their office, sometimes that can come across as suspect. If you’re going to feature testimonials, it’s worth it to have a professional shoot it, or record a phone call and feature the audio.

11- Personal Sales:


Video a personal pitch that you customize for a particular client that you want to work with. Show them how you will solve their problem in a simple, concise manner. It’s perfect for new video marketers because this video only needs one view from a pretty big client to offer some pretty big returns on the time and money you put into creating it. Do your research to appeal to your specific client. It’s the closest thing to being in their office without actually being in their office.

12- Remarketing:

Unfortunately, most of the people who visit your website from a Google search aren’t likely to buy your product right away. While video definitely boosts conversions, there’s often fierce competition for your potential customer’s purchase. Remarketing videos are targeted ads that are shown to people who have previously interacted with your content on any platform that you advertise on. These ads are designed to keep your product top of mind. When they visit another platform, remarketing videos will be shown to the user who’s already been introduced to your product or service. Consider creating a bank of remarketing videos using short clips.

13- Vlog:


Video blogs can be whatever you need them to be. They educate your viewer on a topic and help you build a knowledge portfolio to attract and keep your audience engaged. Since these can be rougher and more authentic than other types of content, they’re relatively cheap to produce. That means that you can generate consistent content to build a strong, transparent relationship with your audience.

14- Shows:

Draw up a clever storyline to hook your audience to your channel. If it’s a gripping concept, they’ll likely stick around to watch the story unfold. Consider using information about your company or product that

15- Comedy:

Add some humor to a video to stand out in a sea of information. Humans tend to associate brands with personality traits just like we do with other people. If your brand could benefit from a light-hearted approach, it may evoke warm feelings from your viewers. If slapstick isn’t on brand, see if a clever, timely parody using a popular song or dance trend will help you stay relevant.

16- Announcements:

The primary benefit of video is that it lets you connect more easily with your target audience. Drum up some excitement for a new product launch or the addition of a new feature. Be sure to build some suspense for your audience by teasing the big reveal!

17- Behind-the-scenes:


We all love getting the inside scoop on the latest and greatest news. Share anything from product development to podcast outtakes to foster a sense of genuine connection with your audience and have them emotionally invest in what you have to offer.

18- Say Thanks:


Everyone loves to feel appreciated, so putting together a short video to say thank you may be a great way to help your audience feel valued. If you’re celebrating an important milestone or landmark event, a short video not only expresses appreciation for your current audience, but it also highlights your brand’s popularity for newbies.

Specific Video Formats:

As technology improves and the way we use it continues to evolve, there are a number of different video formats that you can use to better reach your target audience. Some of these will dictate how you shoot your content; others can be edited out from other standard types of footage.

19- Square social media videos:

Formatting your videos to take up more space on the screen of a mobile phone is a great way to boost the reach of your content. Use small pieces of video content since people love to share videos across various platforms.

20- Live Videos:

Go live once in a while to add personal, real-time content. You can interact with your audience on social media or share an experience that you’d like to include your subscribers in. Livestream events, like meetings or conferences if your audience may benefit by watching it unfold. Just make sure that you don’t mess it up! Otherwise, splice together a highlight reel to include your audience, too.

21- Stop-Motion:


Take quick photos of something in action and have them spliced together to put together a quick stop-motion video. Keep the ideas simple and straightforward to use this type of video for dramatic effect.

22- 360° and Virtual Reality Videos:

These can make your audience feel like they’re right there with you, especially if you’re marketing an event or an experience. VR videos let users navigate their own experience, increasing the impact of your video content. Using these videos will help you really stand out, so if it’s the attention that you’re seeking, this may be the way to generate some excitement.

23- Augmented Reality Videos:


AR videos add a digital layer to what you see through your own device. It can help you envision what your room would look like with a new couch, or function as a game with your living room as the backdrop.

24- Video podcast:

Record the taping of your podcast and post it to YouTube. If you consistently publish a podcast, this can be a great way to keep fresh content going up on your feed, especially if you are already making the effort to prepare and record the audio.

Ask Me Anything:


Whether it’s the head of the company or the design team lead, offer a chance for your audience to engage directly, like on a live Q&A. This is a great way to convey authenticity and foster a more intimate and loyal relationship between any potential customers and your company.


There are so many ways that you can use video marketing to creatively leverage your business. Taking the time to develop your video presence in some of these ways is imperative to successfully compete in today’s online marketplace. At VidChops, we’re here to support you with professional, high-quality video editing services no matter which direction you choose. With any of our subscriptions, you’ll have access to a dedicated professional video editor to bring your content goals to life. Focus on creating the content and we’ll provide the polish to help you keep up with providing the best video content for your audience.

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