What Is B-roll, How To Use It And Why It Matters
What Is B-roll, How To Use It And Why It Matters

What Is B-roll, How To Use It And Why It Matters

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First, let’s talk about what is a b-roll.

 B-roll is an old school. It dates all the way back to the old film industry term where these shots come from a second camera. The main camera which shoots the main footage has its films labeled as A-rolls.

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been notable directors mastering  B-roll to enhance the experience of their movies. Martin Scorcese, Akira Kurosawa and Steven Spielberg all have used b-rolls effectively.

Akira Kurosawa’s & Samurai in 1954 showed some early use of b-rolls to make a movie more engaging. 


whether it’s a vlog, a documentary, interview or a short film, B-rolls make the difference in making your videos interesting and help tell your story.
Now, with YouTube primarily a platform for videos, YouTubers have come to adopt the use of B-rolls.  

And B-rolls come in different types which also gives out different effects to a viewer

Types of B-roll footage can include:

  • Slow motion cinematic shots of locations or inanimate objects
  • Slow motion of people talking, laughing, staring, anything really
  • Establishing shots
  • Dramatic reenactments
  • Screencasts
  • Stock footage
  • Storytelling footage

Virtually anything that isn’t part of the main camera shot is a b-roll.

 3 reasons why it makes your videos better 

1- It makes your storytelling better:

  • Adding b-rolls help in explaining things.
  • You can show what the speaker is talking about 
  • Showing a different angle gives viewers a different perspective of the story

2- You can use it as a filler:

  • useful in covering shooting mistakes like camera shake
  • bad change in lighting
  • speaker or actors having bad posture 
  • to cover bad cuts

3- Can help in transitions:

All great editors often times use b-roll to help in transitioning to a different scene. 

This helps in establishing characters or settings.

All of this is furthermore demonstrated and explained in a short film ( yes, Augie showed some acting skills) and demonstration on how to use b-rolls.

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