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Top 6 Weirdest Yet Successful YouTube Channels

Top 6 Weirdest Yet Successful YouTube Channels

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It’s one thing to post weird videos, but it’s also an amazing feat to make a fortune out of it. And there’s a ton of them on YouTube but we’ve done our own research, made a vote and collated our own list of the top 6 weirdest yet successful YouTube channels. Take note, these YouTubers are earning thousands of dollars to six figure checks. Just for posting weird videos that feed people’s curiosity. 

6 The Licking Guy

The Licking Guy

This guy grossly licks out anything. Well not actually anything but he does lick some notable things. He’s licked out the YouTube headquarters, Jake and Logan Paul’s house, and his most viewed video, a gate that’s part of Area 51. What’s cool about it is this guy wears a mask so he won’t be identified out in public. With a total view of  13.3 million and 231 subscribers , this masked vigilante will lick anything including a supercar and a tank.

5 Benjamin Bennet

Benjamin Bennet

Talk about earning money while doing nothing. Literally just nothing. This YouTuber just sits in front of the camera for hours at a time but people seem to enjoy it. Maybe they find it therapeutic no one knows, But one thing for sure, it’s making this guy rich. Then when he noticed that people may have found it redundant, he started to make videos of him just walking and talking randomly for hours. Again, people may find it therapeutic because all his videos have a total of  21,243,139 views. 

4. Hydraulic Press Channel

Hydraulic Press Channel

This one’s actually a fun channel. But weird nonetheless. Curious about how a fruit looks when pressed? How about the needed force to crush a bowling bowl? Wanna know how tough titanium is? If you’re about crushing things, then this is the channel for you. Guess there’s a calming feeling seeing a bunch of stuff smashed to bits.

3. Cyriak


When you come across this channel, then you can say, you are truly deep inside the rabbit hole. As Augie, our CEO said, this will haunt him in his nightmares. This is an animation of the morbid type. Walking mouths with fingers as limbs, spiders with cowherds, psychedelic teddy bears. His 5 most popular videos account for about  200 million views alone .

2. Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Pimple Popper

People may find it gross but 6.22M also beg to differ. That’s right, that’s how many are subscribed to Dr. Lee’s pimple popping channel. Check out her oddly satisfying videos popping normal zits, to blackheads to minor surgical procedures for cysts and lymphoma. But be warned, it’s addicting.

1. How to Basic

How to Basic

Now, this comes on top of our list with a whopping  14.3M subscribers . How To Basic seems like your regular run of the mill instructional video on basically how to do anything. Then in the middle part, when everything seems to go well, it just goes insane. You don’t even know what’s going on. It’s always about messing things up. It’s hard to describe it but it’s oddly entertaining. Funny even. Don’t take our word for it. Check it out. 

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