Top 50 YouTube Video Ideas for Creators in 2022
Top 75 YouTube Video Ideas for Creators in 2022

Top 75 YouTube Video Ideas for Creators in 2022

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Are you tired of your regular 9-5 job? Maybe you want to be your own boss. Feeling stuck on your day job and you can’t leave because you’ve got bills to pay? Well, you are in luck as content creation can replace your old job.

Every month, content creators from all over the world make thousands to millions of dollars from making and posting video content on the internet. Well, you can just be among this group and make money from content creation.

YouTube content creation

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that provides stable sources of income to millions of creators from all over the world. Creators make videos on topics and niches, upload them on the platform, and get paid for every 1,000 views.

The means by which they earn money is through advertisement revenue. Companies pay YouTube millions of dollars to run advertisements on their platform. When you click a video, an advertisement is played before the video which enables creators to earn for every click.

With the introduction of short-form content known as YouTube shorts, YouTube now gets over 30 billion views on the platform meaning the platform has experienced drastic growth. Shorts are very interactive as they are 60 seconds long to maintain attention. Hence, they help YouTubers grow faster since the YouTube algorithm pushes the videos to larger audiences.

Requirements to start earning from YouTube

The minimum requirements required to enter the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) and start earning are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. These requirements were originally there before the introduction of YouTube shorts, but with YouTube shorts, there might be future revisions in the minimum requirements.

YouTube needs to run advertisements in order to get paid by the companies and hence pay their YouTubers. Hence, getting views is the real deal.

The number of subscribers does not matter as long as you have a minimum of 1,000. This means that one YouTuber with 2 million views and 1,000 subscribers will earn the same as a separate YouTuber with 1 million subscribers and the same number of views.

Hence, you need to focus on creating videos that people want to see. Here are some popular niches you can focus on.

Most Popular YouTube content ideas for 2023

1- A channel introduction

The first, and arguably the most important, video on any channel is the channel introduction video. This is a video that lets your audience know who you are, what your channel is all about, and what kind of content they can expect to find on your channel. A great introduction video will encourage your viewers to become subscribers, which is the name of the game when trying to build and grow a profitable channel on YouTube.

2 – A product review

Product review videos are among the most popular videos on YouTube. People want to know about products before they spend their money, and so they turn to YouTube to look for reviews. The possibilities are endless when you make this kind of content because there are always new products coming out, so you’ll never struggle to come up with video ideas.

3 – A tutorial

Video tutorials are another wildly popular content category on YouTube. You can teach people how to do something like how to use a new product, how to build something, how to do their makeup, or literally anything else. These videos normally start with “how to …” and they are one of the best types of videos for affiliate marketing also.  

4 – A reaction

People love to watch other people reacting to things. It’s a cultural phenomenon. So, if you see an awesome video on YouTube that’s rising in popularity, consider filming yourself or someone else reacting to that video. Often, you’ll get a lot of traffic from people who just watched the video you’re reacting to, which is a great way to generate traffic to your channel and gain new subscribers.

5 – An opinion

If you’ve got a strong opinion about something, then YouTube is a great place to voice that opinion. Let others know how you feel about something. Many people will agree with your opinion and might even subscribe because they share your views. To be sure, many people will disagree with your opinion too, and that’s fine. At the end of the day, every viewer is a good one.

6 – An interview

Interviewing people is a great way to add new content to your channel. You don’t need the president or a superstar to make a great interview video. You can interview real, everyday people who have some interesting experiences or insights to share that will be helpful to people.

7 – Q & A video

Once you start making content and gaining some viewers, you’ll notice people asking you questions in the comments section. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the questions and respond to each one, especially when you’re working hard to create new content consistently. So, what you can do, is read through your comments when you have time, and compile a list of the top five or ten questions you’ve received and then answer them in a video.

8 – A parody

People love to laugh, and so if you can create a funny spoof or parody of a popular video, then you’ll gain a ton of new followers quickly. The trick with these videos is to make sure that they are genuinely funny, so take some time to write a great script, and you’ll be surprised by how many new people engage with your channel.

9 – A challenge

Challenges are a very popular category of YouTube videos, and they are also one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your channel. When other YouTubers or influencers start a challenge, many times, lots of creators will jump on the bandwagon, and you should too. Typically, when a viewer sees a new challenge that they like, they will watch all the videos they can find about people doing that challenge, so if you do yours well, then you can grow your channel quickly this way.

10 – A comedy short

A comedy short is similar to a parody, only instead of spoofing an already existing video, you are coming up with a funny skit yourself. These types of videos are typically only a couple of minutes long and contain a cast of characters in a funny scenario, so if you and your friends love acting and joking around, then this could be a great niche for you.

11 – A contest

People love to win things, and so if you host a contest on your channel, there’s a great chance that you’ll get a lot of viewer engagement. Make a video stating what the contest is, what the timeline is, and of course, what the prize will be. You don’t need to be giving away very expensive items; a gift card, video course, or eBook should work well. Of course, if you can offer a better prize, then you’ll see better results with this sort of video.

12 – A video game review

Video game content is among the most popular and fastest-growing niches on YouTube. Gamers love playing games, but they also love watching other people play games, learning about new games, and everything to do with video games. So, when a new game comes out, rush to buy it, and make a video game review about that game.

13 – An ASMR video

ASMR videos are hugely popular these days. In case you don’t know what ASMR is, these are videos where people make various sounds that are intended to trigger a pleasant, mildly orgasmic sensation on your scalp. Tapping, chewing, softly whispering, are all great and easy ASMR video ideas that can generate a ton of views if done correctly, and these videos are super simple to create, so give it a try.

14 – A tour of something

You can give people a tour of your studio, your home, your office, your city, just about anything. If people are interested in visiting somewhere, then they’ll watch tours of that place online, and if people love your content, then they’ll be interested in seeing your home, studio space, and where you create the content they love.

15 – A top 10 video

These shorts of videos are always popular on YouTube. It can be just about anything. The top ten new litter boxes of 2022, the top ten ways to clean your microwave, top 10 software to use to get x results, the top ten X, Y, or Z. There are so many different things you can do with this sort of content; the possibilities really are endless.

16 – An unboxing

People who are thinking of buying a new product or who have already purchased the product and are waiting for it to arrive love to watch other people opening up that same product. So, whenever you purchase something new, consider unboxing it on YouTube. Show what the packaging looks like, what comes in the box, and give your overall first impression of everything.

17 – An explainer

Explainer videos are a great, evergreen piece of content that can garner a ton of views. The idea is to explain how to do something or how to use something that people are interested in. So, if you have knowledge in a certain subject area that other people seem to find confusing, try breaking it down for them in simple terms with an explainer video.

18 – A fail compilation

People love to watch other people succeed, but they also love to watch people fail miserably. Fail compilations almost always have a ton of views, so look around on YouTube, find a bunch of clips of people failing and then compile those clips into a compilation.

19 – A sleep sounds video

Sleep sounds are among the easiest YouTube videos to make, but they still get a ton of views and are a great niche for affiliate marketing. Basically, you just find some relaxing royalty-free music, gather some royalty-free images and then put them together. Alternatively, you can film some relaxing scenes in nature and loop them with some royalty-free audio. Seriously, people love this stuff.

20 – A movie review

If you’ve seen a new movie, then you’ve got a new video idea. Simply give your review of that movie. If you loved it, say why you loved it; if you hated it, say that too. The key to these videos is to not give away any spoilers, but if you can build an audience around movie reviews, then you’ll have an endless amount of video ideas as there is always something new to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

21 – A tips and tricks video

Sometimes people know how to use something, but they don’t know that there are hidden features. By showing people little-known tips and tricks, you can attract new viewership, establish expertise, and grow your channel substantially.

22 – A trending rumors video

People love to gossip, and people that love gossiping also love to listen to other people gossip. So, if you’ve heard some juicy rumors, then feel free to share them with your audience. Just be careful that you don’t state anything as a fact. Make sure you explain that these are all just unconfirmed rumors; otherwise, you could get in legal trouble.

23 – A self biography

Once you’ve built up some followers, consider making a video that lets your viewership know a little bit more about you and your life. You can talk about your childhood, how you got into creating content, and anything you’ve gone through in your life that others will find interesting.

24 – A product comparison

Similar to a product review, product comparison is when you show several products to your audience, compare them, and give an opinion about which product is better and why. These types of videos help people decide what they should buy, and they are wildly popular on YouTube.

25 – A throwback video

If you loved something back in the day, why not pay homage and make a throwback video. People love feeling nostalgic, so if you can create a piece of content that will remind people of something they loved from an earlier time in their lives, then there is a great chance that they will like, comment, and subscribe.

26 – A what’s on my phone video

People are nosey. That’s not a bad thing; it’s just human nature. So, consider showing people what you have on your phone. Show them the apps you use, the features you use most, and whatever you’re comfortable sharing. Just make sure you don’t show anything too “spicy,” or you could get demonetized.

27 – A what’s in my bag video

This is the same idea as a what’s on my phone video. Basically, you just show people what’s in your purse or wallet. People love to see what other people carry around and use on a day-to-day basis, so dump your purse and go through things one by one; you’ll be surprised by how many people click on this sort of thing.

28 – A try-on haul

Try-on hauls are almost always popular videos that gain new viewers and subscribers. This is especially true for women. If you go shopping and pick out some new outfits, then try them on and let people see what you bought, why you love it, and how you look in it. These videos are also great for affiliate marketing, so drop some links to that clothing in the description and claim your passive income.

29 – A draw my life video

Draw my life videos are similar to biography videos only instead of telling people about your life, you draw pictures to show people visually. If you aren’t great at drawing, then consider having somebody else draw the pictures for you and then explain each one to your audience. These are intimate, personal videos, then can make your audience feel closer to you, which is a very good thing indeed.

30 – A DIY video

Showing people how they can do something themselves that they would otherwise need to spend money on is a great way to grow your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche. How to make your own X, Y, or Z type videos always do well, so give it a try.

31 – A workout video

Fitness is one of the most popular categories on YouTube, and people are always looking for a new workout or exercise routine to try out. So, film yourself working out, explain what you’re doing, and give people some tips on how to make the workout as effective as possible.

32 – An infographic video

Infographics are quickly becoming one of the most viewed categories of educational content on YouTube. Rather than telling people stats and figures, which can be boring, show them with visual aids and imagery; this is far more compelling and entertaining and can gain you viewers quickly when done well.

33 – A myth-busting video

Do you know for a fact that a commonly held belief is simply not true? Shatter the myth and break down why it’s not true. These sorts of videos are always popular and leave people feeling like they’ve learned something new, which is what delivering value is all about.

34 – A testimonial

If you have witnessed something, or gone through an experience, that other people might be going through right now, then share your experience and insight with them. These sorts of videos help people see that they are not alone and provide comfort to people at times when they are nervous, apprehensive, or uncertain. You were in their shoes once, so let them know how things worked out for you in the end.

35 – A prank

Good lighthearted pranks are always a hit on YouTube. The more elaborate and well thought out the prank is, the more likely it is to go viral. You don’t want to do anything meaningful in these videos, as that can make people dislike you, but when done right, prank channels almost always do really well on YouTube.

37 – An animal video

You really can’t go wrong with filming animal videos. Whether it’s an animal encounter, a cute cat video, or animals fail compilation; if it contains animals, then the video will almost always have great YouTube potential.

38 – A funny baby video

Similar to animal videos, funny or cute baby videos almost always get lots of views on YouTube. New parents love watching videos about other babies, and this is another great niche for dropping some affiliate links down in the description. So, the next time your little one gets up to no good or says something hilarious, make sure you take out your camera and film it.

39 – A blooper reel

Similar to a fails compilation, blooper reels show people all of the times you made a mistake when filming your YouTube video content. These sorts of videos make people feel like they know you like you aren’t just a random person on the internet but a real person just like them, and as such, they will be likely to subscribe to your channel and look at more of your content.

40 – A video game walkthrough

When people get a new video game, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle with it. They may be unable to beat a certain boss, or get lost during a mission, or not know how to solve a puzzle. By beating the game and walking people through all of the difficult parts, you can help people who are playing the game themselves and gain new subscribers in the process.

41 – A magic trick

Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? Whether you want to show off a trick, or explain how a popular trick is done, either way, there’s a great chance that this sort of video will generate a ton of views and gain new viewers for your channel.

42 – A timelapse

If you have a great camera and enjoy filming in nature, then consider setting up some timelapse shots. Whether it’s a sunrise, sunset, night lapse, or cityscape, filming things over time with a high exposure will gain you a ton of views from people interested in photography and videography or people who just want to relax.

43 – A shopping haul

A shopping haul is very similar to a try-on haul; only instead of trying on new clothes, you show people what you purchased when you went shopping and talk through why you like each item you purchased. If any of the products you bought have an affiliate program well, then that’s even better.

44 – A VLOG

One of the most popular video formats on YouTube, especially in the travel niche, is the classic VLOG or video blog. Basically, you want to use an action camera, such as a GoPro, and just walk around and go about your normal life. Show people what you’re doing and talk directly to your viewers. Of course, if you are doing something really exciting and interesting, then your VLOG will get more views and more subscribers.

45 – A cooking video

If you know a great recipe, then share it with people. Cooking videos are right up there with product reviews and fitness videos, as the most popular categories on YouTube, so talk through the ingredients, show them how to prepare the meal, and with any luck, you’ll be able to grow your channel exponentially. 

46 – A book review

The idea with a book review is the same as with a video game or movie review. You want to talk about what you loved about the book, what you hated about it, what you thought of each character, and give your overall thoughts on the plot. Again, you want to avoid giving away any big spoilers and try to focus on keeping your review relatively general.

47 – A presentation or webinar

If you gave a presentation or webinar for work or at a conference, then why not upload it on YouTube? Chances are that the people who attended the event would love to have a copy of the presentation for their own notes, and people who couldn’t attend will watch it to learn the concepts you went over, so it’s a win-win.

48 – A makeover

Beauty-related videos are another top category on YouTube, and some of the most successful YouTube creators work in this niche. Makeover videos are the bread and butter of the beauty niche, so if you know a great technique for getting an awesome look, then share it with others and claim your slice of the pie.

49 – A relationship video

People look for advice on YouTube, and one of the most popular categories that people search for is relationship advice. So, if you are in a good relationship, or have had lots of experience with dating, then let people know what worked for you and what didn’t.

50 – A history video

Last but not least, people love history and are always interested in learning more about the events of the past. If you know anything that isn’t common knowledge about a certain historical figure or event, then share that with people on YouTube, and you’ll be able to grow a following quickly.

There are countless other awesome YouTube video ideas for growing your channel in 2022, but hopefully, these ones will spark your imagination, stoke your creativity, and inspire you to make this year the best it can be for you, your channel, and most importantly, your audience.

51 – Music videos

Do you have the voice of an angel and that star power? Get behind the microphone and sing your heart out. Making music and posting on YouTube is one powerful idea for 2022, after all, who doesn’t like music? You can write and produce your own songs and post them or cover an artist’s song but be sure to watch out for Copyright rules.

52 – Newsroom

With smartphones becoming more popular, people are spending less time watching mainstream TV and more time scrolling through social media. Making videos on current issues such as politics, natural catastrophes, and international news may just land you an audience faster than you think. Observe the YouTube community guidelines when addressing matters such as political opinions.

53 – Masterclass

Start a masterclass program to train on various skills, such as how to run a successful website or how to start an online business, among others.

54 – Ask Me Anything sessions

Do you have answers and experience to many live questions? Start a YouTube channel with Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and interact with fans from all over the world.

55 – Motivational niche

If you are a good motivational speaker, offer nuggets of advice and motivation to your viewers by starting a motivational channel.

56 – Healthy living

Start a YouTube channel on healthy living and offer advice on what people should do in order to live a healthy long life.

57 – Automobile channel

Do vehicle reviews on your YouTube channel and post your videos and let the car fanatics be your new fans.

58 – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

Certain sounds are scientifically proven to have health benefits such as reducing anxiety, lowering levels of insomnia, and relieving stress. Start a YouTube channel and post recorded sounds on raindrops and the like.

59 – Compilation videos

Make a compilation of sports or various activities.

60 – Conspiracy channel

Analyze conspiracy topics like Illuminati.

61 – Hot topics channels

Having a channel to express your opinions on a matter Talk on issues like Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ rights, among other hot topics.

62 – Budget-making channels

These have been the most lucrative niches of content creation in 2022.

63 – Morning routines channel

64 – Video editing channel

65 – Doing dares channel

66 – TikTok videos compilations

67 – YouTube growth strategy

68 – Teaching people how to use instruments

69 – Making parody videos

69 – Making parody videos

70 – Foreign language classes

71 – Restaurant reviews video

72 – Music remixing channel

73 – Spirituality channel

73 – Real estate analysis tour

74 – How to use software video

75 – Destruction videos

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