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Mr. Beast: Giving Away Serious Money on YouTube

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening aspiring YouTubers!

It’s me, your trusted confidant, and all-time top lab rat, Buster.

My master – aka the famous one *insert side-eye and snarky comment* – is busy at work creating all that (seriously overrated) content. That means it’s time for me to dig into my infinite database of top YouTuber secrets. Yes, it’s time for another YouTuber income report!

Today we’re talking about none other than MrBeast (serious big d*ck energy right there). MrBeast is the YouTuber for all things stunts and challenges.

Who knew people of 2017 would be so enthralled by a grown man counting to 100,000 over 40 hours that they would crown the next Greek god of YouTube videos in the process?

The things you humans like to watch continue to astound me.

I mean… watching paint dry… really? Cleaning the world’s dirtiest beach…come on now!

 But d*cks aside, this dude is worthy of the name.

Not only does MrBeast make a staggering yearly income of between $1.2 and $18.8 million (a daily average of no less than between $3.3 and $52.2 thousand), but this YouTuber mega-star is also a serious giver.

As the co-creator of Team Trees, MrBeast has raised over $72 million for charity. He even has a thing for giving away free money to random people.

Who knew a self-proclaimed beast would have a charitable side?

I guess the world is just full of surprises like that.

Time to get on his good side methinks, for this rat is in need of some DOLLA!

These days MrBeast is still going strong, posting attention-grabbing stunts and generating a LOT of dough for good causes. With a mahoosive 121 million combined subscribers and 17.3 billion combined views across eight channels, it’s not that hard to see why.

In fact, MrBeast has been named and famed by big-deal media outlets. And that leaves me wondering… why is Buster (aka me) not on the Forbes list of most popular and most viewed channels? 

As my mother used to tell me, “A rat can only dream of such glory and stardom”.

No mother, no. I shall be a YouTube star!

So, how did he do it?

Lucky for you I’ve done some scavenging and found some pretty delicious morsel of insider intelligence on this YouTube success story.

Ready to learn the secret to success?

Keep on reading!

Here’s the secret sauce behind MrBeast’s continued channel growth and monetization success!

Jimmy Donaldson (yes, the man has a real name) posted his first-ever YouTube video in the February of 2012. The young Donaldson was only 13 at the time (and by no means a Beast). By July 2013, things started picking up. With 30,000 subscribers, Donaldson was doing something right!

The key to this internet kid’s success was going viral. Donaldson started a stunt-based contagion across the internet which has continued to spread like wildfire!

Seriously, what has this North Carolina kid got that I don’t and how did MrBeast become one of the most-viewed YouTube creators of 2019?

Turns out the formula for the Beast’s success is human nature.

Say what now?

You heard me right. Donaldson has a knack for knowing what you humans just can’t resist. And that’s shock value.

When this crazy kid uploaded a video giving away $1million dollars in one 1minute you people went bananas. I mean…give me strength!

By combining attention-grabbing stunts, gaming, philanthropic content, and challenges, MrBeast has tapped into a big-ass market of bored humans on the internet.

By combining multiple formats alongside social media monetization platforms, Donaldson is raking in the good stuff. Though there is no public record of his net worth, we all know it’s a number just as extravagant as his stunts.

Cowabunga losers!

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