How to Talk on Camera Like a YouTuber
How to Talk on Camera Like a YouTuber

How to Talk on Camera Like a YouTuber

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Looking natural on video should be natural right? Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to talk like a YouTuber because they don’t sound natural. This may seem like an odd concept at first, but it takes a few key skills and some good quality editing to make popular videos.

Luckily, Augie Johnston, following major success as a YouTuber and now the owner of YouTube video editing services company,VidChops, shares his secrets to success (find the full video here.)

This article lays out his three key skills to talk like a YouTuber and how to build your YouTube success.

Double the Energy


This may feel silly at first, but increasing your energy helps the audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them. When you have a conversation with someone, or multiple people at once, you will naturally overemphasize your words and actions.

Even though you will be speaking directly into a camera, you should act as though the camera is a person. An easy way to increase the energy is to move around- even pacing will bring in the energy of an enthusiastic conversation.

Act as Yourself

Even though people call it “acting natural,” it doesn’t mean you act normal. Another way to put it is, you create an alter ego of yourself that is slightly different than you.

You create this alter ego with a style that is yours. Perhaps you create this character through evaluating the way you emphasize your emotions to others, or in the gestures you commonly use while speaking with others.

Whatever style you create, make sure it is consistent through your videos and treat it like you are playing a role in a movie. Don’t forget to smile and blink, if you come across nervous try practicing your lines a few more times.

Be a Rapper


Often people don’t realize that YouTubers use many similar techniques in their speaking performances as rappers do. Both will focus on riding a beat to better deliver their words.

Your video will sound better as you pay attention to cadence, delivery, and the way in which you emphasize certain words. This is one reason for writing a script and practicing it several times is vital to professional sounding videos.

The Bottom Line

Bottom line: you should have fun with this because these are your videos. Don’t forget you can have multiple takes!

 The beauty of using a camera is the ability to follow up shooting with editing and taking the best parts of each to create a masterpiece. If you want to save time in the editing process, consider using the services of VidChops

At VidChops, we can do the editing for you, giving you more time to create content and make money. If you get called out for being a “little bit different” this means you are doing It right. Your camera presence is key to creating unique branding.


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