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How Shelby Church Made $145,631 In 1 Year On YouTube

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Hey there, have you ever heard of Shelby Church? If not, don’t worry – I was in the same boat until I stumbled into the world of AirB&B’s. I mean, she is so much more than AirB&B videos, but it seems like that’s the direction she’s taking her main channel that made more money in 2022 than I have ever seen in my sad rat life.

How does she turn simple lifestyle videos into a goldmine?  Well that’s what we are about to find out. But hold on, diving into Shelby’s channel showed me that her road to stardom wasn’t built in a day. So, I won’t be kicking the bucket anytime soon on my quest to outshine Shelby in the YouTube popularity department. I’m right behind you Shelby!  Well, not really, I’m just a broke pet rat trying to make it on YouTube like the rest of us.

Alright, let’s give you the lowdown on Shelby Church, the American vlogger and YouTube sensation who kicked off her YouTube journey back in 2009. People can’t get enough of her content – and honestly, who could blame them? She’s beautiful, funny, and most importantly…filthy rich.

But hey, let’s talk dollars and cents. She’s raking in more than $100k a year from YouTube AdSense alone and scoring brand deals left and right. She’s also cashing in on affiliate commissions which we won’t cover today. I mean, imagine changing your job title on LinkedIn to “Content Creator” like Shelby did at some point in time.  Sigh, I can only dream at this point, but Shelby is showing us all what is truly possible on YouTube.

Let’s do some math – not the boring kind, I promise. Ever since Shelby took the YouTube plunge, she’s clocked over 153 million views on her main channel. And get this, she’s racked up 1.8 million subscribers through 495 videos.  But how much did she make?  Well the Adsense monthly income formula is views divided by 1000, multiplied by your CPM.  Take that number and then multiply it by 55% because that’s what you actually take home (YouTube takes 45%). Crunch those numbers and Shelby’s pulling in on average… wait for it…$12,135 a month just from her YouTube ads alone on her main channel. Now that’s a chunky monthly income!  That averages out to $145,631 for the 2022 year.

Hold onto your hats though, because Shelby’s second channel is adding even more zeros to her bank account. On that channel, she has a total of 22.3 million views, 597 videos, and a cool $47,766 made in Adsense in 2022.  That channel has just 181k subscribers. If you do the math we’re talking about a total for both channels of $193,182 just from YouTube Adsense! Not bad, right?

Enough stats, let’s talk strategy. Shelby’s secret recipe seems to be how she mixes up her video styles and creates engaging videos.  No two videos are identical. Gone are the days of shooting the same boring content in the same room for eternity.  After analyzing, I am confident to crown her as “The Queen Of Variety.”  Beauty, travel, real estate, life hacks – you name it, she’s got it. Oh, and let’s not forget those endorsement deals. Shelby’s got her hands in everything from sportswear to tech, and it’s paying off. She’s not just inspiring women, she’s inspiring all of us to hustle harder and make more money.

Plus, she’s probably getting insane watch time on her channel since all of her videos are over 10 minutes long.  Smart move Shelby!

But here’s the kicker – she’s not just posting and ghosting. Shelby’s in the comments section, chatting it up with her fans. It’s like the ultimate icebreaker, and I’ve got to hand it to her, that’s a solid trust-building tactic. As for quality, her videos are like works of art – crisp visuals that keep us glued, slow motion, and high quality cameras.

So, word of advice: next time you’re wondering if viewers need to watch the entire ad, remember Shelby’s strategy. And here’s the golden list of tips I’ve learned from Shelby’s playbook:

  • Keep the content coming – consistency is key.
  • Go the extra mile to capture great Broll.
  • Change sets when shooting your talking head videos to add variety.
  • Make your videos longer and more engaging.
  • Stay in your lane, but a little variety in topics can only help.
  • The top 10 videos on your channel will account for 80% of your revenue.
  • You never know, an old video can sometimes just take off out of nowhere.

The Biggest Takeaway

The biggest takeaway from today’s case study is that Shelby actually saw a much higher CPM (how much a video makes from 1,000 views) and RPM (how much the creator actually makes for those 1,000 views after YouTube takes their cut) on her vlog channel than she did on her main channel.  The confusing part is that her vlog channel doesn’t have business, finance, or tech style content which normally gets higher CPMs.  So why did that channel earn an average of CPM: $27.87  |  RPM: 11.49, when her main channel which is more related to making money and real estate only makes CPM: $24.59  |  RPM: $9.72?  Well, the conclusion she came up with was that her vlog videos are much longer.  Those vlogs run anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes long when here main channel videos are around 10 minutes long.  In those longer videos she can add more ad breaks which she does about every 3 and half minutes or so.  So there!  That’s a lesson learned.

I mean take a look at her most viewed vlog which earned 41,000 views:

And here is here averages for the year on that second channel:

Crazy huh!?  Here main channel is getting a CPM of $24.59 and her second channel is raking in a CPM of 27.87 talking about topics that are less lucrative.  They are just day in the life vlogs.  Like I said, she attributes this to the fact that her vlogs are much longer than her main channel videos.

Another thing to note is that she mentioned that some of her old videos that she uploaded years ago still earn her a very healthy income as you can see below (the yellow ones were uploaded before 2022):

This video here was uploaded in 2019 and still brought in $4,708 in 2022:

And if you think those CPMs are high you should check out Shelby’s friend who had a video whose CPM started low but increased again and again over time and eventually reached a 567.53 CPM where she made $283 per 1,000 views after YouTube takes their 45% cut.  I know, CRAZY!  This is by far the highest CPM I have ever witnessed.  This is a video all about how to build a Wix website.

Well there it is.  You’re welcome, fellow aspiring YouTube moguls! Now, go forth and conquer the interwebs like a true Shelby Church apprentice.  


-Buster The Rat

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