How it works - Video editing service Vidchops


Vidchops is a video editing service primarily for Youtubers and vloggers. It was created to help video content creators to focus more on releasing quality videos and spend less time on editing videos.

Vidchops takes all the hassle of editing videos from the Youtubers and enables them to focus on what they do best. So they can focus on shooting/creating videos for their audiences without worrying about the tedious task of editing videos.

Before explaining how Vidchops works, let me give you a short intro of Vidchops.

What is Vidchops?

Vidchops is a one-stop solution for all your post-shoot editing needs. It’s a subscription-based service to take care of all your video editing requirements in exchange for a small monthly fee.

We managed to create a process to quickly turn your raw videos into finished. Our processes enable us to take down the turn around time to 48 hours.

We’ll assign you a dedicated editor and you can make unlimited requests for video editing and revisions. We employ professional editors who are well-versed and greatly experienced in enhancing the quality of videos.

Our turnaround time is just 48 hours once the request is received. Our subscription plans can be found here with full details.

How it works

Signup to the package that best fits your video editing needs. We will be in touch within a few hours. We have three subscription packages. In Single chop, you get one video edited from us. Weekly chops enable you to get 4 videos edited from us. in Unlimited chops you have the option to submit unlimited video editing request.



You will be needed to open a paid Dropbox account. All the transfer of raw and finished video files back and forth will be taking place on Dropbox. whilst the Vidchops portal will be for initiating and managing video-editing requests.

We will be sharing with you a dedicated folder on Dropbox which will be containing three sub-folders, namely:

  • Raw
  • Branding
  • Finished Video

In the Raw folder, you will be uploading video files that are to be edited.

In Branding, this folder is for your channel or branding material like logo, intros, outros, and tunes, etc.

Once we are done with your raw video, we will be uploading the final video in the Finished Video folder.  


you will be provided with the link to our portal and credentials to log into your profile. In the start, you’ll be needed to fill out a form about yourself, your channels, style, and some other details which will help us to know more about you and your editing requirements.

Then just create a request for video editing on your Vidchops dashboard. There you will see five columns which will be reflecting the progress of your video request. 

  1. Video Request

    After uploading raw files on Dropbox, you can initiate a video-editing request by using this card. Here you’ll be providing the title for the video, it’s Dropbox link, required aspect ratio and any instructions or remarks that you have about the video.

    Note: Video-editing requests cannot be initiated unless the raw files are uploaded on Dropbox.

  2. Assigned

    Once, any of our editors are assigned to your video, the card will be moved to this column and the countdown will begin which will be visible on the card.


  3. Editing

    This card will be populated when the editor starts working on your video, this means that your video is being edited.


  4. QA

    This means that the editing is complete and the video is being reviewed for quality purposes.


When the card is ‘Done’ column, it means that the video is submitted to the client via Finished Video folder on Dropbox. At this stage, the client can either approve video or comment on it for revision.

Let’s Get Started

Now you know how we operate, we are very excited to work with you and help you with your editing needs. Our client list is a hundred strong and growing ever-so rapidly, with more than 3300 editing projects completed.

Our Pricing plans are designed to provide maximum value for money. You can contact us if you have any questions; our terms and guidelines can be found here.