Guidelines And Terms -

Guidelines and Terms

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Vidhops is a subscription based video editing service for YouTubers and content creators. For accuracy and effectiveness, we have a few guidelines to follow. Please read them below before signing up.

1. Vidchops works on 1 video at a time.

2. Vidchops will deliver that finished video within 2 days unless one of those days lands on Sunday. Vidchops takes Sunday’s off.

3. At the point of delivery, you can either approve the video or ask for a revision. If no revision is needed we will begin on the next video in your queue. Revisions take 24 hours.

4. Video deliverables can’t be over 15 minutes long except under special circumstances.

5. The raw footage that is uploaded from the client must not exceed 45 minutes.

6. If the client uploads multiple videos then a queue is built and Vidchops will begin to edit each video one by one and deliver them over time.

*All guidelines are subject to change as we believe change is good.

Thanks so much for considering us and we can’t wait to serve you.