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Learn how content creators around the world use our service.

Dr. Vanita Rattan
Dr. Vanita Rattan swears by VidChops for a complete video editing experience. Despite being a busy mom and running multiple clinics, she has gained more than 20 million views and a thousand subscribers per day. 
Brian G. Johnson
I’ve published hundreds of videos to my YouTube Channel and I’m proud to say that Vidchops was a big part in editing many of those videos. In fact, some of my best performing videos were edited by Vidchops.
Jeff Rose
Financial planner, Jeff Rose says that he can now use his time more effectively without having to worry about editing videos since he handed over his video project to VidChops. Jeff is also blown away by the editing quality of his videos which kept getting better.
Kosmo’s Q
One of the biggest ways Vidchops helps me out is they give me a ton of time to do stuff like this…. handling my business and focusing on my videos. 
Ian Corzine
I want to pay a compliment to They’re my editors for my channel and I love what they do. They turn around my videos within 48 hours and they’re always beautiful and well edited. 
JP and Amelia
Before using VidChops, JP was spending many hours in front of his computer, editing content. Now, together with Amelia, they can spend more time exploring Ecuador and creating quality content due to all the freed up time with VidChops.
Dr. Robert Rothbard
Dr. Robert Rothbard loves VidChops for its quality editing and the YouTube Helper plan which helped organise content on his YouTube channel which includes custom thumbnails and keyword optimisation. He also had video content edited for Facebook, Tik Tok and other social media platforms, without the hassle of working on the videos himself. 
Vidchops literally saves us hours and hours of work every month that we don’t have to worry about doing and not only that, they’re doing the work better than what we would have done ourselves. The color correcting is great, the audio is great, and even when we mess things up in the shoot, it gets fixed post-production. And should there be a problem, we send it right back to them and they fix things real quick.
Christine Gille
Certified Family Law Specialist at Gille Kaye Law Group, Christine Gille says that VidChops has greatly helped in setting a more engaging style in her content. She added that her overly-technical videos were given a creative twist since she began working together with VidChops.
Before VidChops, StarWarsIRL said that he didn’t have a life outside of editing and his back started hurting from hunching over so much when editing. After signing up with VidChops, he got his videos delivered with the same exact quality minus the editing time, and he now has more time for his loved ones!.
Grant Baldwin
Several months ago we started working with Vidchops and let me tell you it’s been a phenomenal experience.
We didn’t have a video editor on our team and none of us wanted to mess around with the editing ourselves.

Vidchops is a flat rate, subscription video editing service built to help you make better videos, grow your business, and save you a ton of time.
With Vidchops you enjoy unlimited video editing requests and revisions. Your dedicated editor will handle your day-to-day edits so you can focus on more important things.

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