From Doodler to Dollars: Unveiling the YouTube Journey of Mimimoo Illustration

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From an art lover to YouTube stardom – who’d have thunk it?

Enter the world of Mimimoo Illustration, the brainchild of the creative dynamo, Mimi Pumell. Hailing from the land down under, this Aussie YouTuber extraordinaire has been gracing our screens for a solid three years, attracting a whopping 88.3k subscribers all looking to up their art game. She’s not just a YouTuber; she’s got a website chock-full of inspirational blogs, and she blesses us with her YouTube wisdom monthly.

Mimi’s journey began in England, where she got herself a degree in creative industries and dabbled in animation and film agencies. But now, her passion lies in whipping up fantastic illustrations on YouTube. 

Here’s the scoop: Before her YouTube days, Mimi was like the rest of us, struggling to find the motivation to create without a project in sight. But once she started the channel, it was like the art floodgates burst open. Not only did she level up her own skills, but she also became a muse for her viewers, inspiring them to keep doodling.

Why the fascination with rats and plants, you ask? Well, Mimimoo Illustration has a thing for rats. Go figure! But don’t let that deter you; there are tricks to beat her at her own game!

Mimi spills the beans on the behind-the-scenes magic, color palettes, and, of course, the art of illustration. She even shares her inspirational journey of going from zero to earning some serious YouTube dollars. Want more followers on Instagram? She’s got tips for that too!

Now, let’s talk cash. You know how folks say artists don’t make good money? Well, let Mimi’s earnings squash that myth. In just the first quarter of 2023, she raked in a cool AUD 35,185. With 2.83 million lifetime views, 88.3k subscribers, and 158 videos, it’s safe to say art can pay the bills. The rat’s not eating this cash!

Still not convinced? Well, YouTube channels are the real deal when it comes to turning views into moolah. So, keep on trying until your piggy bank sings a happy tune!

Check out the stats:

Total Lifetime: 
– Views: 2.83M
– Videos: 158
– Subscribers: 88.3K

Now, let’s dive into her YouTube growth strategy. Mimimoo Illustration is a must-watch because it does things a bit differently. She’s got the secret sauce for growing an art account, something most budding artists struggle with. Plus, she shares her journey of building a small art business, something many aspire to do.

Mimi’s all about real-life experiences that any artist can relate to. She keeps it simple, speaks your language, and makes you feel right at home in her creative corner.

But here’s the kicker: she doesn’t stick to just one topic. She dishes out art-centric content that also teaches you how to up your artistic game. Sneaky, huh?

Her videos vary in length, and that’s no accident. More time equals more ad revenue, right? And the daily grind isn’t lost on her; Mimi draws every day and soaks up the great outdoors for inspiration. And yes, she’s not afraid to try new things. Sharing it all is her way of saying, “Hey, world, check out my art journey and the wild animals I encounter!” It’s all part of the charm.

But here’s the real magic trick: she collaborates with fellow artists, lending support and getting some in return. It’s a confidence boost and a reminder that the art world is a friendly place. It’s all about creating stories and putting smiles on faces.

Now, if you’re not learning something from this playbook, you’re missing out. So, jot down these seven golden rules:

1. Post regularly.
2. Create daily; it’s like a daily vitamin for your creative soul.
3. Support your fellow YouTubers and accept their support in return.
4. Focus on being creative rather than obsessing over perfection.
5. Mix up your content to cater to your audience’s desires.
6. Keep it simple, keep it relatable; that’s the ticket to YouTube stardom.
7. Remember, art on YouTube is a hot commodity. So, teach, my dear friend!

That’s a wrap for now. Until next time, keep your inbox weird.

Buster the Rat

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