5 tips to create youtube channel from scratc

No matter if you’re a business owner, content creator, or something in between, posting videos
on YouTube is one of the most effective ways to extend your reach online. The video-sharing
the platform has over 1 billion users currently.


Not to mention, growth in watch time has grown
50% year-over-year for the past 3 years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
With that being said, starting a YouTube channel from scratch can be difficult in 2020. With so
many content creators already on the platform, the competition for subscribers and views is
stiff. Thankfully, with the right approach, you can quickly grow a new YouTube channel.

5 Tips to Help New YouTubers Become Successful

1. Figure Out What Content You Want to Create

Before you even think about starting a YouTube channel, you need to know what type of
content you want to create and push to the masses. This all depends on what it is you’re trying
to promote. For some, you may simply want to create entertaining videos — such as tutorials, vlogs, and
food or movie reviews — while others may want to promote their business’ brand or product.
You may also have a podcast that is filmed during the recording of each episode; which can be
used to create engaging content.
Whatever the case may be, you need to decide upon the type of content you’ll be focusing on
and stick with it to ensure your channel is consistent. If your channel lacks direction or a
common theme, users won’t know what to expect from you which could make them less likely
to subscribe.

2. Research Your Target Audience

Now that you’ve decided upon the type of video content you’ll be posting, it’s time to research
your market to figure out who your target audience is.
You can start by taking a look at existing YouTube channels that publish videos that are similar
to the content you want to create. Pay attention to the videos these channels put out and how
frequently they publish new content.

The goal is to understand how you should present your content to effectively engage with your target audience and attract new subscribers.
For example: if you’re thinking about starting a channel related to food reviews, studying
popular channels that already create this type of content can help you determine what you
should do to bring users from these channels to your own.
Keep in mind, you shouldn’t aim to be a carbon copy of existing channels or videos on YouTube.
Instead, you should only try to emulate specific elements.

3. Establish Your Goals

Goals are critical to being able to run a successful YouTube channel, as they are the deciding
factor when it comes to the content you create and how you present it.
Maybe you simply want to promote your company or products; or, perhaps your goal is to
monetize your videos so you can be a content creator full-time. Regardless, establishing your
goals early on allows you to set the tone of your entire channel.



It should be noted, that in order to monetize your videos, YouTube has a strict set of
requirements. For one, you’ll need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. This is
why publishing content consistently (every day or other day is ideal) is smart as it gives users a
lot of videos to stumble upon when searching for something to watch.

See YouTube’s full list of requirements to monetize your videos here!

4. Consider Keywords, Transcripts & Video Tags

Something most new YouTubers don’t think about when starting their channels is keywords.
While keywords are typically only thought of as tools for paid advertisements, they can be
extremely important for your videos as well in a multitude of ways:

Keywords within your video titles and descriptions:

When a user searches for a video on YouTube, the results they’re presented with are ranked
based on a few factors. Without the right keywords in the titles of your videos, they can get lost
in the shuffle and may not even be seen by the right audience.
For example: if you wanted your content to be found whenever someone searches for “daily
travel vlog”, then that phrase should be a part of each video’s title. You should also include
variations of keywords within each video’s description.

Keywords within your video tags:

YouTube allows you to create video tags for each video you upload. These act much the same
as keywords within your titles and descriptions as they can help your videos rank higher on
YouTube search results pages.
The more video tags you add the better, however, be sure to only include relevant tags that
actually pertain to the content itself.

Keywords within your video transcripts:

You may not be aware, but YouTube automatically creates a transcript of each video uploaded
to the platform. This is done to be able to serve closed captioning subtitles for the hearing
With that said, transcripts can actually help your videos rank higher and you can upload your
own. This is why you should try to ensure keywords are spoken throughout each video you
upload so you can include them in your video transcripts.

5. Create Professional YouTube Videos

The final ingredient to finding success on YouTube quickly is to create professional content.
Unfortunately, most lack the proper tools, skills, and time to edit videos in a way that will
impress viewers and increase subscribers.

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