15 skills that will make you a good YouTube content creator
15 skills that will make you a good YouTube content creator

15 skills that will make you a good YouTube content creator

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YouTube boasts up to 2 billion active monthly users, making it one of the biggest social networks today. With such a huge number of users, there’s no doubt many content creators are flocking to the channel.

YouTubing is a lucrative career that promises fame, money, and fun. But all these are only possible if you become a successful YouTube content creator. It takes quite a number of skills and attributes to be good at YouTube content creation.

If you’re wondering what those skills and attributes are, this article covers them all.

1. Researching Skills

Getting people to view your videos is not as easy as it seems. You have to tailor your content to the right audience, and that means doing some research. Do your research on what’s trending, current events, and what’s in the public interest.

For instance, if you’re in the entertainment industry, you need to understand the trending events, know what people are talking about, and have your ears open for celebrity gossip. You must know what people search for on YouTube and other social networks.

When doing your research, make sure you stick to your niche. Also, ensure that the keywords you’re researching are not too competitive and that you can rank for them.

2. YouTube SEO Skills

Without optimizing your videos, no one will even be able to find them. So, before even posting your videos, you must know the keywords you will rank for. YouTube algorithm needs to understand what your videos are about, and only the right keywords can help you with that.

It all goes back to what your target audience is searching for on YouTube. The right keyword will help your content stand out to the right audience.

Remember, YouTube content creation is becoming highly competitive. Without SEO skills, your content will easily get lost in the crowd. So, take your time to learn how to optimize your videos for the YouTube algorithm.

3. Video Making Skills

Video production is another aspect of YouTube content creation that can be challenging, especially for beginners. Everything starts with the type of equipment you’re using for your videos. Gather the lighting, sound system, set design, and everything before you start.

The lighting, the sound, and the setting need to be of good quality. The good news is that you don’t need to go the expensive route to produce good videos. Many content creators start with simple things such as natural light for lighting and a quiet room for good sound.

If you have the right video-making skills, you’ll be able to make even the poorest videos look good. It’s all about being creative and having the required skills.

4. Video Editing

Now, this is the part where there’s all the work. You’re not going to post raw videos on YouTube unless you want to portray yourself as an amateur in the industry. And, of course, nobody wants to spend their quality time watching a poorly edited video.

You must be prepared to handle some technical aspects here because video editing is not easy. You need to delete the unwanted scenes and add sound, music, text, and transitions.

 The most technical part of video editing is learning to use new editing software. Consider a video editing software that’s easy to learn. 

Better yet, you can skip the editing part by working with Vidchops. The video editing service will do all the technical work for you while you take care of other aspects of YouTube content creation.

5. Graphic Design Skills

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to succeed as a YouTube content creator. Just some basics on graphic design will be good to go. You have to entice people to click on your videos. YouTube thumbnails should help you do that.

The visual elements such as text, art, or symbols just before your video begins to play will entice people to click. A little knowledge of graphic design is all you need.

6. Be a Good Marketer

How will your audience know if you have a YouTube channel if you don’t tell them? You need to market yourself and promote your videos to get views.

Of course, YouTube can also help you by recommending videos to viewers, as long as you have the right keywords. However, you’ll need to put in a lot of work to reach a wider audience.

Having a good social media presence is going to help you. Share your channel with your Facebook friends, pages, groups, and communities. If you have Instagram and TikTok, take advantage of things such as reels to share parts of your videos.

7. YouTube Analytical Skills

Even if you’re doing well on YouTube, you still need to analyze the platform to know how things are working. You must know how your videos are performing. Understand what’s working, what’s not, and things you can do differently.

Ask yourself questions such as:

a) What’s my click-through rate?

b) How many views I’m I getting?

c) How much time is my audience spending watching my videos?

d) How many subscribers do I have, and how many have I gained through each video?

e) Are people commenting, liking, or sharing my videos?

f) Do I have repeat viewers for specific videos?

The good news is that you can find the answers to all these questions right on YouTube. Once you have your answers, you should sit down, analyze, and think about what you need to do next.

8. Creativity

If you’re not creative enough, you’ll run out of ideas for your YouTube content before you even start. Creativity helps you come up with ideas and be consistent with your videos. Once you step your feet into the industry as a YouTube content creator, nothing should pull you back.

You can pull content from other channels such as TikTok, Google, Facebook, and more. While these sites will help you get ideas, your creativity will help you turn those ideas into content worth presenting to your audience.

9. Networking

As a content creator, you’ll never succeed if you operate as an island. Part of your success depends highly on the people you interact with. Try to reach out to influencers and other content creators in your niche.

If you collaborate with other content creators, you’ll be able to share subscribers and increase your views. Reach out to experts and mentors in your industry to learn from them and grow your channel.

10. Communication Skills

Communication is a universal skill that you need in every aspect of life. You’ll need it more as a YouTuber to reach out to your audience.

If you’re going to record yourself speaking, you will have to learn to speak clearly and confidently. You also need to be an excellent storyteller to capture the attention of your audience. Watch what other YouTubers are doing and learn from them.

11. Awareness of Other Social Media

Just because YouTube is the only channel you use to make money doesn’t mean you ignore other platforms. You’re not going to gain much audience if you don’t engage with them on other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Know how to market yourself on other social networks to reach a wider audience and bring them to your channel.

12. Be An Outgoer

You won’t make it as a YouTube content creator if you’re an introvert. You must interact with people for them to know you. Even if you’re not a celebrity, ensure your target audience knows you exist.

Go out there and bond with your followers. Engage with the community by attending events and reaching out to people. Remember to be yourself and let people see you as you are.

13. Believe in Yourself

Self-doubt will only drag you behind. If you set yourself to do something, believe and trust that you can do it. To get people to trust and believe in you, you must believe in yourself first.

It’s not going to be a smooth ride at the beginning, but quitting is never an option. Don’t give up, no matter how hard it gets.

14. Work Ethic

Before you even begin creating content on YouTube, you must have a plan on how you’re going to do it. Have both short-term and long-term goals and a plan for how you will achieve them. Practice some professionalism and work ethics.

If you plan to post two videos per day, make sure you stick to that. Don’t skip your calendar to entertain a friend or do something unrelated to your work.

15. Consistency

Being a content creator on YouTube will not be easy right from the start. Getting people to click on your videos and subscribe to your channel will take time. You might not even get any news at the start.

However, even the most successful content creators didn’t get there easily. It takes resilience and consistency to achieve success. Just because you’re not getting any views doesn’t mean you give up. Continue creating, marketing, and networking. Before you know it, people will be flocking to your channel.

Hit the Ground Running With the Right Video

Anyone can create content and post it on YouTube, but it takes a good skill set to succeed. Well, gaining all the above skills takes time, but if you’re willing to give it your best, nothing will stop you from being a successful content creator.

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