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Are you into makeup, murder, and mysteries? I just discovered that this is a thing. Over the past year, YouTuber Bailey Sarian has made around a million dollars by talking about different true crime stories while filming interesting makeup looks.

She currently has over 6 million subscribers who tune in regularly to hear scary tales and see one-of-a-kind makeup looks.

Wow. I’ve come up with some zany content ideas, but I never considered applying a smoky eye while sharing details of a 16th-century murder.

I don’t get it. I mean, some of this is truly grisly stuff. And yet, that seems to be the key to Bailey’s success.

Bailey began her channel by making fairly standard makeup tutorials. Now, don’t get me wrong. She’s uber-talented and incredible at what she does. But there are so many makeup videos out there.

And Bailey wasn’t getting much traction until she started her “Makeup, Murder, and Mysteries” series on January 15, 2019. YouTube watchers can’t get enough of this stuff. Her most-watched video to date is on Jeffrey Dahmer – a notorious serial killer and all-around monstrous human being.

Is it the crime? Is it the lip gloss? Maybe it’s both.

It’s time for another YouTuber’s income investigation. I’ve scoured Bailey’s activity history and found five general growth strategies.

  • Hit two interest niches at a time. Makeup tutorials are popular but generic. These YouTubers often run out of ideas or struggle to produce fresh content. True crime is engrossing but can feel bleak after a while. It seems like Bailey hit the perfect sweet spot by combining the two. Think you could use the same tactic?
  • Tap into emotionally charged content. Humans are weird and seem to have a real fascination with things that are unpleasant, out of the ordinary, or shocking. True crime stories tap into that inherent morbid curiosity. That gives Bailey a huge advantage over other YouTubers. She doesn’t have to work that hard at pulling in views when Casey Anthony, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jodi Arias, and other notorious figures are doing that for her. There’s something really spooky about crime and it’s not right for everyone. So, the key is to find something that people feel strongly or passionately about.
  • Collaborate with other businesses. Once Bailey really got going, she got into products by collaborating with makeup brands. That’s a classic YouTuber income-generating strategy. She has her own merchandise now, which seems pretty popular within her community.
  • Expand onto other platforms. Bailey now uploads content onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts. These platforms are great for subscribers who don’t want to sit down and watch a video. She can stay more connected with her existing followers and reach a new audience.
  • Build an active community or fansite. Bailey has a fan-run subreddit with over 12,000 members who talk about Bailey, her videos, and show-off Bailey’s merchandise. The merchandise side of things is really interesting. They stoke each other’s interest, let members know when items are back in stock, and resell old stuff. The Redditors are basically doing a lot of Bailey’s marketing and promotion work for her. Building a community like this isn’t easy, but the true crime material makes it easy. Bailey doesn’t have to work hard to generate new ideas or content for them to talk about since her members can just discuss the cases.

Bailey has a lot going on. So, how much sweet YouTube cash does this pull in for her?

Bailey Sarian: Income At-A-Glance

  • Estimated daily income: $176 – $2.8K
  • Estimated monthly income: $5.3K – $84.6K
  • Estimated yearly income: $63.4K – $1M

Well, I don’t know about all of this. Bailey’s clearly making enough money to buy endless blocks of the stinkiest, smelliest Limburger cheese. And that’s without including her product collaboration income!

But how well do you think her strategies would work for me? I guess I could try out a smoky eye, but I don’t have much lid space. Would you be interested in watching beauty tutorials from a rat?

Or maybe I should find a creepy story to talk about in my next YouTube video. I’ve heard a few pet shop horror stories that made my tail curl.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Talk to you next time,


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