Holiday Season Content Ideas for Content Creators

Holiday Season Content Ideas for Content Creators

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You might suspect that things quieten down over the holiday season, as people focus on seeing friends and family and taking a few days off work. However, nothing could be further than the truth.

In fact, according to a study by Sprout Social, 74% of customers will actively seek out brand content over the festive season. Statista reveals that 34% of shoppers plan to use social media to source holiday purchases. With gifts to buy, parties to plan and trips to schedule, this season is a terrific opportunity to connect with followers and clients and gently promote your offerings.

So how can you subtly connect with your following using video content this holiday season?  More importantly, how can you do so without seeming cringeworthy or tenuous? 

So how can you subtly connect with your following using video content this holiday season? More importantly, how can you do so without seeming cringeworthy or tenuous?  

1: Seasonal Recipes Showing off Your Wares

Whether you produce clothing, kitchenware, food ingredients or anything else you might find at a seasonal party, there are many ways to highlight your wares.

As well as focusing on charismatic cooks (professional or amateur) use lots of bright, colorful, and sensual close-ups, as viewers follow the recipe for your eggnog, mince pie, or turkey dishes. Make sure everything looks delicious and stress the fun of preparing these seasonal treats.

Such content is evergreen; exactly the sort of YouTube clip people will discover in searches year after year.

CHECK OUT: Joshua Weissman’s Eggnog Recipe for a witty yet sensual take on this seasonal classic.

2: Planning a Party using a Project Management Tool

It’s a busy time of year, and this gives software brands and content creators alike a chance to show how you can master seasonal chaos with a bit of project planning.

Why not show off how you plan your social calendar or prepare for a big party? In so doing, you can highlight the tools you use to prepare for the big day.

CHECK OUT: Designer Mai creating a quirky digital journal, using her iPad Pro, digital pens, label-maker, and other tools.

3: Make a New Year’s Resolutions List

There’s nothing like a bit of self-help and the promotion of good mental health is always popular. What better time than at the end of the year to list what you’ve been grateful for or declare your plans and intentions for the following year?

This can take the form of a direct to-camera address, a visual or graphic list, or a combination of the two. You can be as creative as you like with emojis, stickers, effects, and other visual devices, depending on your market, of course.

Remember there isn’t only one New Year to celebrate. Chinese New Year 2024 takes place on February 10th, 2024, and it will be the Year of the Dragon! If that doesn’t inspire a few creative ideas, what will?

CHECK OUT: Fashion and books influencer Niki Detrich’s take on New Year’s Resolutions.

4: Use the 12 Days of Christmas

It’s a famous song that everyone loves, and it’s in the public domain (written in 1780, with the standard melody first published in 1909). The song is instantly recognizable and has that singalong factor.

Why not create your own version, changing the lyrics to suit your message? Irony suits this idea best.

Instead of the traditional gold rings and calling birds you might include other experiences or things. For instance, you might mention twelve different frustrations, chores, items of clothing, or anything else that raises a smile.

CHECK OUT: Musical and comedic genius There I Ruined It’s unique take on 12 Days.

5: Open an Advent Calendar

Another Christmas countdown tradition, the advent calendar lends itself well to visual content, whether it’s artwork, animation, video, product reveals, or anything else you can build a campaign around.

It’s no wonder businesses of all kinds are getting in on the advent calendar concept, from artisan tea companies to beauty brands.

Throughout December, you have twenty-five opportunities to grab your audience’s attention, by revealing something unique each day, leading up to the big one.

CHECK OUT: Alternatively, do as SheerLuxe has done and unbox a series of advent calendar products.

6: Take Viewers Behind the Scenes

Every household (or office) has their own seasonal traditions. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else entirely, it can be fun and revealing to share your seasonal habits.

This concept piques curiosity and allows you to highlight any product you like, or reveal a range of them while focusing on human connection and celebration.

Make sure you adopt a light touch when promoting your wares since viewers are dropping by to have a nose around your home or office!

CHECK OUT: Alison Roman’s Home Movies do Thanksgiving sponsored by FreshDirect.

7: Craft a Card, Wrap a Gift

Craft nerds are out there in their droves. Demonstrate a craft technique or make a beautifully wrapped gift box of your products, and you’ll draw those magpie eyes.

DIY card-making is a big business, as are homemade crackers and table decorations. There’s almost no aspect of a seasonal celebration that can’t be DIY-ed and demonstrated.

CHECK OUT: Liz Fenwick’s 10 Christmas DIY ideas for inspiration.

8: Don’t forget Kwanzaa

After Christmas day, there’s a week of Kwanzaa celebrations to honor, bringing much-needed cultural diversity to play in the festive season.

There are numerous traditions to explore, including the Swahili matunda ya kwanza, or seasonal display, of candles (like a Jewish menorah) accompanied by decorative fruits.

It’s a colorful and appealing way to remember that there’s more to the festive season than Christian and Jewish holidays.

CHECK OUT: Oprah Winfrey’s guide to Kwanzaa traditions.

9: GRWM for New Year

TikTok would be nothing without its Get Ready with Me (GRWM) influencer videos, where fantastic outfits and creative looks are on display.

If you have a fashion, accessories, or cosmetics brand, this should be one of the Influencer high points of your year, as millions of young consumers get ready for an epic night out.

Want statistics to back this up? The #GRWM hashtag on TikTok has 166 BILLION uses at the time of writing, and 549 million uses in the US in the last seven days alone.

CHECK OUT: Summerjadestyle on TikTok showcasing her LTK brand.

10: Get Cosy…

When it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s a wonderful time to display products that emphasize comfort and coziness.

From seasonal drinks to fairy lights to “slankets” to books you can curl up with in bed, make the most of the inclement weather by appealing to the hibernation instinct we all feel as the days grow shorter.

This vibe is best encapsulated in the “cottagecore” concept. Never heard of it?

CHECK OUT: It’s a Charming Life’s beautifully shot Winter Bucket List. It’s too wholesome!

11: Go Scrooge for Comic Effect

If all that charm and cheer doesn’t chime with your brand, you can spice things up by embracing your inner Scrooge. You’ll certainly stand out!

Scrooge’s “Bah, humbug!” cry is the seasonal motto of misanthropes the world over and, unsurprisingly, you’ll find it on cards, jumpers, and socks.

CHECK OUT: Nail artist’s ProfessionalDQ’s alternative Christmas message.

12: Best of Year Lists

Who doesn’t love a list? Whatever you’re selling, there are a myriad of ways to celebrate all that the year has to offer by rounding up your best (or worst) products or experiences of 2023.

If you have a personal brand, your list needn’t be closely tied to your products, necessarily, so long as it’s still in keeping with your ethos and values.

If you make handcrafted candles, what were your best music tracks to soak in a candlelit bath? If you sell garden tools, what new plant discoveries did you make this year?

Do you have a SaaS company? What were your favorite productivity hacks of 2023? Whether it’s experiences, products or apps, lists rule.

CHECK OUT: Vulture’s Alternative Top Ten books of 2023.

13: Give Back and Get Charitable

Remember that winter can be a season of deprivation and suffering, whether it’s poverty or loneliness. Did you know that January is Poverty in America Awareness Month? There’s a reason that winter is sometimes known as the “giving season.”

The end of the year can be a fantastic opportunity to do good with gift appeals, donations of blankets and clothing for rough sleepers, and other charitable initiatives.

Or you can simply promote a charitable campaign, such as John Hopkin’s Give Hope on the Holidays Children’s Appeal.

Make sure the charity’s values are well-aligned with your own, of course.

CHECK OUT: OutsideIn’s Wear One, Share One campaign We hope this baker’s dozen of content ideas has whetted your appetite to get creative this holiday season.

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