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A Fortune Cleaning Her Way On YouTube

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It’s Buster, here. 

Coming back to you with yet another income report. This time on the Queen of Clean herself: Love Meg. 

Love Meg caught my attention because she’s been able to build an empire of loyal YouTube subscribers by creating content about the thing I hate most… cleaning. No really, why does my owner think my cage needs to be cleaned once A WEEK? It’s ridiculous. Also, I hate the sound of vacuums. Never mind that, back to Meg. 

Love Meg’s YouTube journey started as a pass time, showing her fans how she keeps her home clean as a stay-at-home mom with a husband that works 24-hour shifts. After her first 6 months on YouTube, she made $15 in revenue. (a lot more than me in my first 6 months, shoot.) 

That was back in 2014. Now, she has over half a million subscribers and brings home nearly $44K in yearly income.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how did she convince over 500K subscribers that cleaning is… fun??

Taking a closer look at her videos it really does surprise me how she was able to build such a loyal fanbase so quickly. Her most viewed video has over 1.4 million views, and it’s literally just her cleaning her house. 

I can’t figure out if I’m jealous I didn’t think of that or confused that there are literally 1.4 million people who watched a 30-minute video of someone else doing their chores. 

Who am I to talk? 

I don’t make nearly as much as her on YouTube. I commend Love Meg for figuring out how to make a career out of it. 

She’s another great example of how you should always make videos of what you know and stick with it. I gotta say, she does a great job at what she does and gives her subscribers the motivation to clean more often.  

Anyways… let’s get back into it. 

In 2017, Love Meg and her husband realized they could really make a career out of this. He quit his day job and became her manager helping her answer emails and recording her videos. Her first sponsor was a tea light candles Amazon company that paid her $50 to promote their products. After that, she started signing deals with Google, Dyson, Audible, and Hello Fresh for MUCH more than $50. 

Now, she has her own manager, three assistants, and an accounting team all to support her impressive cleaning career. 

She might not be making a TON on YouTube but she definitely makes a steady stream of income for recording her doing chores around the house. She also just launched her first Love Meg Multi-Surface Cleaner product, so I expect her annual income to really start to take off in 2022.

If I knew that all you had to do to be successful on YouTube was to record myself doing the most mundane things I would have done it by now! I just figured no one would want to watch me sitting around in my cage all day… doing rat things. Ugh. Whatever. 

Alright, that’s enough of that. I swear I’m not bitter, just extremely impressed. 

Here’s what I was able to find about how much the Queen of Clean reels in with her YouTube fame.

Love Meg: Income At-A-Glance:

  • Estimated monthly income: $229 – $3.7K
  • Monthly income record: $3.7K
  • Estimated yearly income: $2.7K – $43.9K
  • Yearly income record: $43.9K

Alright, Love Meg gave me a lot to think about. I’m going to mull this over for a while. Maybe, revise my current YouTube strategy. 

Who knows!

That’s all I got this time! 

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