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Introducing Vidchops, unlimited video edit requests for a small, monthly fee.

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Professional Editors On Demand

To be the best video editing service for Youtubers, Vidchops recruits top talent to handle your edits. Sign up and get your videos edited by expert editors who understand the intricacies of video editing.

Stock Video & Audio Included

Every subscription plan includes stock video and royalty free audio that we will use to totally exceed your expectations. Add more firepower to your videos with royalty-free HD videos and audios.

Speedy & Reliable Support

We are here to help you in every way we could so that you are able to focus more on video creation and publishing than stress-induced editing. we won’t stop working until you’re overly satisfied.

Amazing Turnaround Time

Vidchops doesn’t take weeks to cater to your multiple video editing needs. Instead, you get your editing videos within 48 hours max. weeks to cater to your multiple video editing needs. Instead, you get your editing videos within 48 hours max.

Expert Video Consulting Included

We’re so much more than just editors. We pair you up with your dedicated editor, who can help you with hacks that make your videos truly fantastic.

We Deliver Better Quality Videos

Not only will we take the burden of editing off your shoulders but the quality of your videos are going to skyrocket and make you look even better.

Augie Johnston

What is Vidchops?

Vidchops is a subscription based, video editing service built to help you add finesse to your videos by taking care of all your editing requirements. Now you have the time to truly focus on vital tasks like creativity as well as growing your business.
With Vidchops you can enjoy unlimited video editing requests and revisions through your dedicated editor who will handle your day-to-day edits, allowing you to focus on the more important things. All this for a flat-rate, small monthly fee.

You can try Vidchops 100 %  risk free for 14 days!

Who is Vidchops?

Hi! My name is Augie and yes, I started Vidchops. I too have a YouTube Channel with 195,000 subscribers and liked editing videos earlier on. After some time though, I began to despise it. I realized if I had someone else to edit my videos, I could spend time on doing more important things. That’s when the idea of Vidchops came to me.

How it works

Upload raw video footage and have us deliver a finished product

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Clients Testimonials

Digitalizing and disruptive technologies are giving companies the ability to radically change business models, and create new products and services.

Kosmo’s Q

One of the biggest ways Vidchops helps me out is they give me a ton of time to do stuff like this…. handling my business and focusing on my videos. We don’t have the time to do all the editing, and these guys do a killer job. So that’s why I use them and think you should too. The communication going back and forth is super easy, I mean, if I can do it anyone can do it.

Kosmo’s Q

Brian G. Johnson
I’ve published hundreds of videos to my YouTube Channel and I’m proud to say that Vidchops was a big part in editing many of those videos. In fact, some of my best performing videos were edited by Vidchops. They took my own style and made it better and today, I’ve learned a lot about video editing based on what Vidchops has done for my videos from editing, style and more. If you need help with your editing, I can’t recommend Vidchops any more than you should get hooked up.

Brian G. Johnson

Vidchops literally saves us hours and hours of work every month that we don’t have to worry about doing and not only that, they’re doing the work better than what we would have done ourselves. The colour correcting is great, the audio is great, and even when we mess things up in the shoot, it gets fixed post production. And should there be a problem, we send it right back to them and they fix things real quick. They’ve gone above and beyond, adding bells and whistles that we didn’t think of. We highly recommend this service. Thank you Vidchops!


Ian Corzine
I want to pay a compliment to They’re my editors for my channel and I love what they do. They turn around my videos within 48 hours and they’re always beautiful and well edited. What’s great about it, is it’s an objective eye for my product. That’s why I like using them. Also they have so much experience in the business that they give me the best edit of my videos that I can expect. I just want to say thank you Vidchops, you’re the best. I really love working with you and would like to continue working with you. Thanks again!

Ian Corzine

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