How To Write A Script For Your Videos In As Little As 2 Mins

How To Write A Script For Your Videos In As Little As 2 Mins

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If you’re a content creator on Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok, you might be wondering how to gain more viewers, retain current viewers, and keep on producing great content.
In this article, we’re going to clue you in on 5 steps to write a great script for your videos on social media, plus some tips too!

1- Hook onto your viewers

Videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram use a metric to measure video performance called the drop-off rate. This is the time stamp at which your viewers stop watching your video and move on to other content, whether other creators they follow or other friends. It’s relatively rare for people to watch a whole video, especially if they are a little long, and so that shouldn’t be your goal, realistically.
The drop-off rate tends to only be the first few seconds of a video. Whatever your average drop-off rate, this is the time in which you must put your best foot forward. The best content of your video must go in this time frame.
Therefore, when writing the script for your video, a hook will grab your viewers’ attention in their feed. The best footage in your video should be at the beginning.

 Types of hooks: 
  • The Cliff Hanger
    With this hook, you showcase the build-up but not the climax of an exciting, interesting, or dramatic part of your video. Most ideally, what actually happens after the build-up is not seen until the end of the video so that they will view the whole thing to see what went down. It creates an ‘open loop’ in viewers’ minds.
  • The Final Product Hook
    This hook works well for those who are making something or doing a look (makeup, fashion, DIY etc.) in a video. This is simply a reveal of what the final product or look will turn out like. Whatever added drama is welcome here, but the idea is to impress the viewer so much that they must watch the rest of the video.
  • The Headline Hook
    Many videos online are not making something, don’t have any drama, and simply seek to inform. In this case, as an interesting headline entices a reader, the first few words of your video must entice your viewer. Some headline hooks that work well are:
    Did you know that –
    Would you –
    Do you want –
    Have you ever –
    Can you believe –

2- Give your Viewers What They Came for

Your best information should come right after your hook. Not only will it keep your viewers around, but it will also be a deciding factor in how sharable your video is. Most viewers don’t want to wait to hear the best information until the end, so try and add it right after your hook.
The key in this step is to keep your viewers interested and ensure that the momentum is retained from your sizzling hook.

3- The Body, But Make It Contextual

A little bit of context goes a long way. In an informational video, talk about history or explain the background of the subject of our video. For a DIY video, perhaps some context on why you are creating this particular thing and how you came up with the steps to create it. Try not to expand too much, just enough to give a bigger picture to what’s going on in your video.

Viewers should not feel confused or have to search elsewhere for context and information, as that is a sign of a poorly done video. If viewers exit, it is highly unlikely that they will return.

4- More Value

Your video has to outshine the other videos your viewers are seeing, and that means it needs to have another layer of value. It could be more information, a better visual, or being entertaining with humor, drama, or spectacle. Whatever you can add to your video that makes it more interesting, bigger, brighter, and better, add it. However, keep your authenticity while doing so; people are drawn to what’s different.

5- The Call to Action

All effective content on the internet, whether in written or video form, should have a call to action at their end. This can be many things, such as:

  • Sharing
  • Liking
  • Commenting
  • Subscribing
  • Following
  • Going to your website
  • Checking out another video
  • Checking out a fellow content creator’s video

This not only provides engagement for your content, which is key to success and means that you’re on the right track but can also create a streak or loop of watching, where the viewer either consumes more of your content in the future or continues doing so immediately after the video they are currently on.

How to Improve Even More

Once these steps are out of the way, you should have a great backbone of a script for a video that will work well. Now what you can do is make sure that your script feels conversational. Most viewers aren’t interested in videos that feel stiff or too formal. They aren’t here to listen to a lecture.

Instead, your script should be conversational and have the qualities of speaking to a real person face-to-face. Even when you’re trying to get them to purchase something, inform without being wooden as this often makes viewers feel disconnected, disconcerted, and highly unlikely to buy what you’re selling.

If your viewers feel like they’re just chatting to you instead, they will feel at ease and will be more willing to buy your product, follow your advice, and keep watching you.

 Your own personality should shine through as that’s what makes your videos unique and will attract an authentic audience that genuinely likes you and your content. 

Additionally, adding accurate CC (closed captions) to videos on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok make your video accessible to those who are hard of hearing and unlocks a new demographic. It also means that people who watch your videos with headphones in noisy places can still enjoy your content without the need to make their ears bleed.


These tips will help you to script videos that keep viewers watching while keeping your unique feel to them. If you’re still struggling with the flow of scripts and need more guidance,  Vidscript is happy to help you. 

Here at Vidchops, we know that sometimes scripting your videos can seem a little daunting and take some of the fun out of making content.
That’s why we’ll give you a great Vidscript script template via email for you to use that’s simple, easy, and will make scripting and filming your videos a dream.


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